It’s hard not to laugh while writing a radio show

Tuesday night, our group met up in the ITCC and looked for a spot in the building that was first free, and second, had nice acoustics. We first tried the Green Room since we knew nobody would be there, but we found out that it is very echoey in that space, so we ended up moving out to the corner of the Mezzanine. In the following two and half hours we not only wrote the script but we also recorded all of the voice parts to the show. Our theme for the radio show is definitely fiction, and so without giving it away, all I can say is that coming up with the details in the storyline was a lot of funny and hilarious. I actually had to go to the other side of the mezzanine during certain parts of the recording because I couldn’t contain my giggling.

As for the process, we borrowed a microphone from DTLT, Bruce, Emily and I wrote out the script in a Google Doc, Jack recorded and edited the radio show, using FreeSound to get sound effects, and then he uploaded our finished project to SoundCloud.

All we have left to do is cite the sound effects and put them with our embedded radio show in a blog post, and then we’re done!

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