Representations of Information/Communication Technology


1. Board spinners-GIF

2. Electronic billboard-GIF

3. Sky Writing-Video or GIF or Poster

4. Pop up ads-GIF

5. Propaganda posters-Image/Poster


1. Advertisements before the feature film in movie theaters-Video or GIF

2. News reports before the feature film in movie theaters- Video or GIF

3. Radio advertisements- Audio clip, mock radio advertisement

4. Trending hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook: Video-specifically from here:

Example of #Ferguson:

5. TV commercials for cell phone plans (i.e. Sprint Framily Plan below): Video or Poster


Things to add to the text forms: GIFs, video clips, images, audio posts

We don’t think we should be limited to just one form of media. :)

6 assignments= 50%

8% Class wide 1)       Non-negotiable — Timeline/Database of representations of communication tech in popular media.

8% Pairs (both create and decipher) 2)      Recreating Cave paintings (7)

  1. Or conveying a message through other form of early communication: cuneiform, hieroglyphics, old Norse runes, smoke signals, Chinese calligraphy, etc.
  2. Compiling class collection electronically

8% Group 3)      Develop a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about a real or made-up event, present or past (5)

8% Individual 4)   Live Tweeting Past Historical Events (5)

  1. Then chart the tweets on a timeline/MapStory? (4)
  2. Measuring impact of twitter and other forms of communication

8% Group 5)      Propaganda campaign (5)

  1. Develop a propaganda campaign, create a false dictatorship (more here) (5)
  2. Media wall?

10% Depends on choice 6)      End of the semester projects – Choose 1

  1. Making an infographic or video to display in the ITCC on ethics in the Digital Age (2) (Individual)
  2. Documentary/video — video representation of the timeline of the entire class (Group)
  3. Infographic or other representation of research about the digital divide (2) (Individual)
  4. Late in the semester, something with the greenscreen. (Group)
  5. Final post — Timeline of your work this semester (with evlauations) (Individual)

Kindergarten, Media Wall, Dictatorship

These are the three assignments I would really like to do this semester.

  1. Finger Painting for Cave Painting
  2. Make a video representation of the timeline of the entire class
  3. Develop a propaganda campaign, create a false dictatorship
  • OR Develop a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about an event


The breakdown:

1. Finger Painting for Cave Painting


  • Different colors of paint
  • Large pieces of paper
  • Paper towels
  • Soap

I think it important to remember that communication does need the use of technology. People can communicate through hand signs, body language, and pictures. For the assignment, we would have to convey a story about a certain piece of communication technology, or a type of communication, and then the medium would be finger painting.


2. Make a video representation of the timeline of the entire class


  • iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Audacity
  • Mac OS
  • Creative Commons Images
  • Digital camera and/or camcorder*
  • Microphone

*if we take our own pictures or video for the representation of different technologies, eras, or types of communication

I think this assignment would make a nice addition to the timeline and database we are creating and it would be really cool to be able to showcase it on the media wall.


3. Develop a propaganda campaign, create a false dictatorship

  • OR Develop a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about an event

-As long as we could do at least one of these assignments, I would be really happy! ^_^

Tools/Software for both assignments:

  • iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Audacity
  • Mac OS
  • Digital camera
  • Camcorder
  • Microphone
  • Photoshop
  • Green Room
  • Projectors

The propaganda assignment would utilize a nearly all of the technology that the ITCC has to offer. From using the sound booth, to displaying content on the media wall and the other TVs across the various rooms, we could emulate what a real propaganda campaign would like it if the ITCC were run by a dictator. Since this kind of intense propaganda campaign actually has happened in other countries (i.e. North Korea, China) it would be cool to try to recreate it.


Developing a radio broadcast or news anchor interview about an event would also use everything the ITCC has to offer. Depending on which option the group chooses, the sound booth and/or the green room would definitely be a great space(s) to use for this assignment.


First post!

I am taking  this class for three major reasons:

1. It sounded really cool and counts for the History Major.

2. It counts for the Digital Studies minor.

3. I’ve taken classes with Dr. McClurken before and they are always great.


Aside from those main reasons, I am taking this course since because it goes along with other subjects I have studied throughout my time here at UMW. For example, I actually learned a little about African talking drums, as well as the use of call and responese in Music History over in Pollard. I have also learned a little about different ways Native Americans and Europeans communicated with each other in Native American History and in Native American Religions. This class also ties in well with the History of American Technology and Culture, which I have also taken. I also interned at Sprint this past summer, which is a large player in the Telecommunications Industry, and so even learning a little about the history of the company and the technology they use and how it has changed over time during my time there could definitely relate to the history of the Information Age.

All of that being said, here’s some of the topics/assignments I’d like to learn and work on during the semester:


  • Communication through cinema-showing news and propaganda before the feature film
  • Infographics and Social Media
  • Hieroglyphs
  • Native Americans and Storytelling
  • Communications satellites
  • The first Postal Offices
  • Billboards

Project Assignment Ideas (but not all of them!)

  • Small Individual Project- either a presentation on an approved topic, or an infographic on an approved topic
  • Group project- create a short biography for an inventor of a type of communication, or a group that used a type of communication
  • Group project- create a documentary on a type of communication
  • Class-wide  project- in addition to the timeline/database, create a complementary time-lapse video with bits information and pictures to show how communication has changed throughout a either different periods in history, or history overall, which could MAYBE be featured on the Media Wall