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Final Project: Special Agent Terrance “Fitz” Fitzhugh

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The Wire

This week I finished up Season 4. I was both happy and sad with the end of season 4. While Namond’s story got better, Randy, Michael, and Duquense’s stories both got worse. Mayor Carcetti also turned into a “real” politician by choosing himself over the children in his city. I liked how Omar stayed true to himself throughout all of the seasons, but then, surprisingly, I was sad to see Bodie get murdered. I think it’s because as an audience we had seen Bodie grow up and kind of mature and towards the end, there was even some hope instilled in us that he might leave the game. I was also surprisingly proud of McNulty. He also changed and grew throughout the various seasons, and I like the the dynamic he creates with Bodie since they are both characters from the first season that really saw how everything played out. Overall, The Wire has been a very depressing, intriguing, and somewhat addicting show. What started as a somewhat forced watching of the show turned into a genuine curiosity for what was going to happen to the various characters. Out of the four seasons, I think season 1 was my least favorite since it took a few episodes to really get the plot moving. Season 4 was probably my favorite, even though i think it was the most sad because the although the kids’ lives are awful, it’s fascinating to see how and when this drug culture develops. The Wire was much better than I expected and it’s not only because it had great visuals and audio and writing but also because it reflected issues we see today. Although it’s not entirely current since now everyone has smartphones, but the overarching issues are still prevalent in today’s societies.



2 for 1


Total Stars: 18

1. Swede (4.5 stars) worked with Maggie: Much Swede.

2. Video Essay (5 stars): 

3. Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life (5 stars): TV Scenes That Changed My Life

Tv scenes that have changed my life-VideoAssignments442 from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.

4. Activity Time Lapse (3.5 stars): Basic Braid Time Lapse

Live Tweeting

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Daily Creates- 2 per week

1. 11/3/14

TDC1030- Caption it!

Beaver Family Portrait

2. 11/4/14

Thesis Writing

Written by Jess Reingold, @jessreingold on November 4, 2014 5:52 pm

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I very much wish
My thesis were a haiku
Then it would be done

3. 11/14/14

Geek Magnetic Poetry: The Era of the Dragon

4. 11/15/14

Jess’s Flag

If I were to have a flag, this is what it’d look like. A little complicated, but very representative of myself.

Final Project

Character: Special Agent Terrance “Fitz” Fitzhugh







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Wire Watching

Intensity, Awkwardness, Politics, New Leaf, Just Business, New Realm, Boxing.

Intensity- Omar and Brother Mouzone teaming up and killing Stringer, and Johnny dying, the girls in Prez’s class fighting and slashing one girl’s face

Awkwardness- Herc walking in on the mayor getting a blow job

Politics- Carcetti is freaking out about how he very well may loose the mayor race, but when a key witness dies, he takes the opportunity to call out Mayor Royce on not listening to him about protecting witnesses.

New Leaf- Bubbles has been trying to get his new business partner to go to school, McNulty doesn’t get full out drunk and is actually there for Beadie and her kids

Just Business- I cannot believe both Avon and Stringer betryed each other. I just that’s just the nature of the game. Now the Avon is in jail and Stringer is dead though, it looks like it’s time for Marlo to shine. I was also surprised that Marlo joined the Co-op with Prop Joe, but good for him! I wonder if the violence will tone down now…

New Realm-School! I love the childrens’ story lines. It shows just how much the drug trade trickles down. I think it’s also very cool that Colvin has decided to help study them. I also think it’s interesting how Prez decided to be a teacher. He doesn’t quite seem tough enough to teach these inner city kids, but I think once he earns their respect then he can really guide them, or at least teach them math.

Boxing- I love that Cutty has got his gym up and running and that it’s transformed into a proper gym. I think he’s a great influence on these otherwise troubled kids. I hope between him and Prez, they can make a difference in these kids’ lives.




Whirlwind of a Week

Reflection on Fritz Lang‘s masterpiece M

Look, Listen, Analyze: Dennis and His Boxing Gym 


Total: 14 stars

1. Silent Moonrise Kingdom=4.5 stars

2. Emperor’s New Groove in 5 Seconds= 4.5 stars

3. Omar Little-Pumped Up Kicks = 5 stars *Contains plot spoilers for the Wire*

Scene Analysis:

Daily Creates: 2

1. 10/27/14: What’s in a Name?

Written by Jess Reingold, @jessreingold on October 27, 2014 11:18 pm
I think I got lucky with my name...or maybe my mom is just really good with words....see my name, my first and middle name at least, flow nicely. Apparently I'm named after my aunt since her name started with a J and one of my grandma's aunts who was named Claire. Did i ever meet these people? No. They both died both I was born. I suppose it's nice that my parents named me after relatives, but I kind of want to know if it's because there was pressure for them to do so, or if they actually picked the names Jessica and Cliare and then just "said" I was named after these people. I don't think i'll ever ask them since my dad tends to get touchy about issues dealing with my relatives. Nevertheless, I think I got lucky, and honestly, if you're going to have kids, make sure you give them nice or cool names, don't let be THAT kid that gets made fun of for a name they didn't pick.

2. 10/31/14: Halloween Oranges

Inspires: 2 

1. Inspired by Setting Fire to the Rain

2. Inspired by Video Games

The Wire: Season 3, episodes 8, 9 & 10: Moral MidgetrySlapstickReformation

WHAT A GREAT THREE EPISODES!! So much happened but I really wanted to focus the crazy events from the 3 episodes.

1. AVON KNOWS. I cannot believe Stringer told Avon that he set up D’Angelo’s murder. I think this just further shows how much they growing apart since I don’t think Stringer would have told Avon unless Avon had egged him on like he did. They have different ideas of what success is and where they want their lives to go. Avon is all about the corners and the gangster life. He knows how to do and he’s pretty good at doing it too. Stringer wants to become a businessman and actually get into legitimate business deals. He wants to run Baltimore, but through property instead of product.

2. WHY PREZ. Prez was doing such a great job and he really is talented at finding patterns and doing the behind the scenes work as a police officer, but for some reason he has anger issues or severe anxiety when working in the field. I’m not surprised he messed up again since he really shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun, but then once we found out he shot another cop, that just made everything much worse. I wonder if his character will eventually leave the show now…maybe the actor wanted to leave so they wrote it in… They really should send Prez to therapy instead of prison, or maybe both.

3. Scummy Councilman. I really don’t like that the councilman Carcetti is going to go behind his friend and not tell him he’s planning on running for mayor too. However, that’s politics I suppose. I understand the strategy behind it, but it’d be nice to see him take the high road even though I know he’s only running for mayor for the good of Baltimore anyways.

4. D’Angelo’s mother: I am so glad D’angelo’s mother is sticking up for herself. While I do think she made the wrong decision to convince D’angelo to take the years, you can tell that she really did love her son, and she will not stop until she gets the truth about her son’s death. I cannot wait for her to find out it was Stringer. I hope that divides B & B.

5. Omar and his Grandma: The Barksdale crew is just so low. I agree with all of the gang’s opinions and that they shouldn’t have shot at him while he was with his grandmother and going to church.

6. THE TRUTH ABOUT HAMSTERDAM. Bunny Colvin is probably my favorite character right now. I thought his plan was genius, and I love how he timed it out with his unused vacation time and his retirement coming up. He’s very clever. I also thought it was great how Rawles gives Colvin credit for doing what he said-to get the number’s down- and how Rawles admits it was a genius, although illegal plan. Furthermore, I like how Colvin doesn’t bring down his team with him, he takes all of the hit on his idea, as he should. I kind of wish Burrell was more understanding, and interestingly enough, I think the civilian letters actually did help with Burrell and the Mayor’s reactions to the idea. Although we didn’t see it, I bet they both looked at the letters and were glad that they citizens were happy and felt safe for once.



#inspired #art

This week we had to look at the works that our classmates did that inspired us. A lot of the works that I was going to post, were posted by other people, (they beat me to it!!) but that was alright since I have definitely been inspired by more! It was also really nice to see that my work had inspired other people. It definitely made my week a little better. :)

Reflections on Works That Inspired Me (includes the work I submitted to the ds106 Inspire site)

1.  #inspiredbysound

Work: The Great Barksdale by Maggie Stough

2. #inspiredbyminimalism 

Work: Minimal TV Poster by Meredith Fierro

3. #inspiredbycolors

Work: Wire 106 Radio by Nicky Memita

Radio Show Live Tweeting

I live tweeting The News Hour radio show on DS106 radio on Wednesday night from 9:00pm-10:00pm

Radio Show Reflection

The News Hour aka The Dark Comedy on DS106 Radio

Daily Creates

1. UMW Lights (10/22/14)

2. Ice Skating Mountain Side (10/23/14)

The Wire

Season 3 Episode 5: Straight and True

“I had such fuckin’ hopes for us.” – McNulty

I’m glad Colvin didn’t give up when the runners and hopper didn’t agree to go to “Hamsterdam.” I thought it was brilliant of him to go to the mid-level dealers since they are the ones the cops can actually get in touch with and the ones that have enough power to move their businesses down to Hamsterdam. With business starting up there, it seems like Colvin’s plan will actually work!

The epigraph was great for this episode because it’s really telling of a twist that the writers are adding into the plot. McNulty has been neglecting his actual assignment to work on tailing Stringer Bell, however, what he finds is that Stringer has been making a lot of legitimate money and that he can’t actually build a case around him. This is a great twist by the writers because since season 1 McNulty has been obsessed with taking down Stringer Bell, and has in the past been able to connect bodies or drugs to Stringer in some fashion, but now the only thing he can definitively tie to Stringer is legitimate retail. He tells Stringer when he tries to confront him in one of Stringer’s many businesses that he “had such fuckin’ hopes for us,” meaning he was looking forward to eventually bringing Stringer in and making sure he got sentenced.

Season 3 Episode 6: Homecoming

“Just a gangster, I suppose.” – Avon Barksdale

I cannot believe Avon got out so early. It’s ridiculous. Avon is having a hard time adjusting to this new Baltimore that has developed since he went to prison. He doesn’t understand why Stringer has made an alliance with the other high up drug dealers and he doesn’t understand why Stringer has been focusing on legitimate business instead of focusing on the corners. Even though Stringer and Avon call themselves brothers, they are definitely splitting apart and I kind of want to see them split apart because I want to see what that would do to the Barksdale Organization.

Bunk is still trying to locate the missing police gun as well as figure out how Tosha got shot. He knows Omar has something to do it but cannot find any details. I feel like Bunk’s approach to talking to people who could help him is actually the least severe of the officers and yet the people he talks to don’t ever cooperate. There is definitely an emphasis on this when we see the close up shot of Tosha’s mother (presumably) flick away Bunk’s card on the table.

When Bunk finally gets a chance to talk to Omar, Omar refuses to help, but then Bunk’s little monologue about the neighborhood they grew up in was great!! You could tell how great it was by the changes in Omar’s facial expressions. He was feeling more and more guilty the more Bunk talked.

Season 3 Episode 7: Back Burners

“Conscience do cost.” – Butchie

I’m glad Omar did eventually help Bunk out by giving him the missing gun. Now we can finally move past that plot point!! I love how Omar has such a deep conscience. There aren’t many characters on this show that seem to have one. Meanwhile, Avon is going behind Stringer’s back which is interesting….I wonder that whole thing will play out later since Stringer is not concerned with the corners but Avon really does want them.

Carver looking for the kids in Hamsterdam is probably the best thing he has ever done in show. I love how he was explaining the kids who aren’t needed in the game anymore as unemployed and how they deserve some compensation. I also thought it was great when he bought the basketball hoop for Hamsterdam. You can tell that even though he likes to go around “busting heads,” he really feels for the kids who haven’t necessarily chosen that life style but are surrounded by it. Unfortunately, we see later that Hamsterdam consumed the basketball hoop. It was down and tagged by whoever.

The ending scene where Bubbles is trying to sell his t-shirts in Hamsterdam was moving. Hamsterdam is chaotic and unorganized and dangerous and probably the worst place in the city right now since it is just filled with druggies and drug dealers. The drug users are high out of their mind since the product is so easily obtainable down there and we see that it bothers Bubbles especially since he sees Johnny is one of those guys that has way too much drugs. Bubbles even tells Johnny to take a break, but he won’t listen, so I suspect Johnny will end up dead soon. The scene in general is really telling of what would happen if you stuck all of the drug dealers in one place. Obviously it is better than having them terrorize innocent residents, but at the same time Hamsterdam is almost like a hell on earth type of situation, and honestly, if the police allowed violence then i’m pretty sure they would all kill each other off.



Missing Visuals

On the one hand it’s great to not have to worry about video or images when it comes to working with audio but since it’s not quite my forte I will say I am glad we are finished with the radio show. Here’s what I did this past week for week 8:

Daily Create


Commercials for Radio Show

1. It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

2. Dunkin Donuts

Radio Show 

In addition to making the commercials and making a promo poster, as I mentioned on last week’s weekly summary, I blogged about our group’s progress and I did the final editing for the radio show. In order to put everything together, I downloaded the clips from SoundCloud and followed Alison’s outline for the show to make sure everything was in order as I imported the clips into Audacity. Once in Audacity, I cut out any unnecessary silent bits between the audio tracks in order to cut down on awkward pauses and on time. I originally made a version of the radio show that had much less music and cut down on the radio bumpers in order to fall between the 20-30 minute time limit, but as a group, we decided that we wanted all of the content we had made, so I put the original audio tracks for those parts back in. I’m happy with the way it turned out and am impressed by everyone’s creativity in making these commercials that show the product placement in The Wire. 

The Wire

Season 3 Episode 2: “All Due Respect

This is the episode I joined Jim and Paul on for a video discussion. I had a lot of favorite moments during the episode. First,  liked how clever and cunning Omar is. He really brings some entertainment to an otherwise dangerous and scary situation such as holding up your enemy’s place. Another favorite moment was when Pooh and Bodie run into Carver and Herc at the movie theatre. What made this so great was the the cops were very awkward during this scene and didn’t know how to respond, whereas the drug dealers were friendly and had accepted the fact there is this odd relationship between the them and cops. What was great is that it showed both parties that the other guys do have live outside of work and criminal activity.

The best part of this episode though has to be when McNulty and Bunk don’t realize Cheese was upset over a real dog, instead of a “dog,” when he was talking on the phone. McNulty and Bunk jumped to conclusions and underestimated the drug dealers yet again. Cheese may not be the brightest but he wouldn’t talk about killing someone that blatantly. In addition, this whole plot line showed that Cheese does have compassion for living things. He was genuinely upset over his dog, much like Bay was genuinely upset over his fish in season 1. These men are in a terrible environment but they aren’t serial killers or sociopaths.

Also, Colvin’s speech a the end was on point.

Season 3 Episode 3: “Dead Soldiers

In this episode we got see a rare side of Omar. Omar has been wanting to get back at Stringer for quite some time now, but as he learned, revenge has its price. We actually saw fear in his eyes during the shoot out instead of him bringing fear into other people’s eyes. When his friend was shot, because of his plan, we also saw him be truly sorry for what happened to her. Unlike Stringer and Prop Joe, Omar has remorse and understands that he pushed his friends too far.

Colvin has been surveying his district looks for places where drugs can be in ” paper bags.” I find it interesting how he is actually serious about turning a blind eye on the drug dealers. I’m excited to see if his team will carry out this idea for him and if the drug dealers will comply since they have been known to be very territorial.

Season 3 Episode 4: “Hamsterdam

Like I suspected, Colvin’s team isn’t too happy with “legalizing” drugs within a certain area. However, it is just a a part of Colvin’s plan to round up all of the drug dealers into one area and then make a massive sweep to get them all at once away from residents and schools. As I also predicted, the drug dealers are also not happy with the idea that the police have proposed for them. They don’t want to leave their corners. They don’t want to leave the familiarity of their spots, and of course they wouldn’t since they have the advantage in a place they know like the back of their hand. In addition, they also point out the fact the police are changing the game on them, which would also make them nervous. They know this system. Hide the drugs when the police are around, resume business when they leave. Moving to a new place where drugs are “okay” would be odd for them. There would be more direct competition and less skill involved with the craft (in terms of the secrecy.) I do hope they move though in the next episode just because I want to see Carver and Herc freak out as they can’t go over and beat up people in the proper drug zone.



More and More Audio

Group Work

This week our group set up a Google Doc where we have our idea written down for our radio show, and where we have the division of duties for this past week. Since our radio show is backwards, in that the show is the product commercials and the breaks are when music is played, I was in charge of finding some songs for the musical breaks. I found this site called TuneFind that has the songs featured in tv shows and movies. They the various songs used in different episodes of The Wire, so I think we are going to pull our song choices from there. I also signed up to be in charge of the Kodak and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials for the radio show. Maggie created an assignment where you make a product ad for a radio show, so I am definitely going to do that assignment next week for the radio show and to count towards my stars.

Promo Ad

Wire Buyers Promo


Total: 10.5 stars

1. Movie as RadioAnd They Lived Happily Ever Aca-After = 3 stars

2. Spooky Sounds: Halloween is This Month!! = 3 stars (I created this assignment)

3. Sound Scapes: ITCC Sounds = 4.5 stars

Daily Creates

1. TDC 1004, 10/8/14 Evil Guinea Pigs: Guinicula Pig

2. TDC 1005, 10/9/14 (Don’t) describe #wire106: Taking Artistry to a New Level

“The Wire is a reality tv show similar to Project Runway where artists are the contestants on a show that will ultimately land their work in a prestigious art gallery if they win. Each week is a new challenge using different materials and each week someone goes home. There are guest judges, guest clients, drama, fights, and tears. There are bruises and empty coffee cups as these talented artist fight to create the next biggest masterpiece. Although every week presents new problems and challenges, especially with the medium of art they must work with that week, what remains consistent throughout the show is that the final 3 contestants must make their finally gallery pieces out of wire. Hence the name of the show.”

The Wire

Season 2 Episode 12:Port of Storm

This episode wasn’t too surprising. We all knew that Sobatka was going to end up dead and that Omar was going to go after Brother Muzone. I’m really glad that Nick FINALLY got his path straight and talked to the police and gave them all of the information he knew and pointed out the proper “The Greek” to the police. I also really respected Omar in the episode. When he found out that Muzone didn’t actually mutilate Brandon, he called 911 and left him alive. Omar may be brutal but he does have the right kind of morals in a way. I kind of wanted to see Omar go after Stringer…just because then I think Stringer would have finally met his match. What’s nice about this finale is that pretty much the full case was closed. Yes they didn’t get the higher up greeks but they did solve the 14 murders, which was definitely a relief. I do hope eventually we’ll see the Greeks come back for some reason and then get rounded up.

Season 2 Episode 12 with Commentary

I definitely felt the tension and curiosity in this opening scene that the director and editors wanted to convey while the workers are finding out that Sobatka is dead. The shock also seems very in character for them, so instead of being all dramatic and sobbing, they just cannot even express what just happened. The opening sequence also shows the same attention to detail and lighting and emotion that the opening sequence for episode 12 has. The actors do an amazing job portraying the characters and how they would appropriately react to the situations and how their body language would be. I didn’t realize how important everyone’s eyes were and the way that their eyes can communicate so much. I thought it was hilarious how the police wouldn’t talk to Nick when he wanted to turn himself in, and it took a few minutes for the cops to listen to him. It’s also funny how classy the Greeks seem to be compared to Avon and Stringer. It just shows that the drug world is incredibly dynamic. I did agree with the commentators that the interrogation room scenes are definitely not visually stimulating but there’s this stigma of that in interrogation rooms mean interesting and important details because you always hope the criminals talk. It’s nice that the director didn’t cut the little details that play into the other story lines going on in the background while the main plot lines progress. It’s super cool that the docks were actually live and in use while they were filming.

Season 3 Episode 1: Time After Time

What’s interesting about the beginning of season 3 is that it seems like it really should have been season 2. McNulty is hyped on tracking down Stringer Bell again they found out he has a connection to Prop Joe who had a connection with the port people in season 2. He’s kind of reverted again to being his obsessive self…it’s also clear that everyone else on the team is ready to move on even though they haven’t completely finished the job of taking down the remnants of the Barksdale Organization.Herc and Carter have also regressed back to their overly aggressive selves. It’s sad to see them go backwards in development.  Stringer Bell however is slowly moving on from the way Avon has been playing the game. Stringer wants to focus on the product instead of the territory which is a different strategy. It’s funny how much Stringer treats this illegal organization as if it were a business, and to some extent it could be run like a business, but it will never be legit. I almost want to see Stringer leave the drugs and pursue a real career, but I think he’s too caught up in trying to make this organization thrive.



I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Designer


Total: 16 stars

Total Wire related: 9.5 stars

1. Minimalist TV/Movie Poster, 3.5 stars: Minimalism Takes Detail

2. One Story / Four Icons, 2.5 stars: A Bag, A Duck, A Purse, and A Barrel…

3. Learning By Design, 3.5 stars: Upcycling v. Recycling v. Downcycling

4. Truthful Movie Poster, 3 stars: 2011: The Year of Friends With Benefits Movies

5. The Ultimate Merger, 3.5 stars: PJ & SB Goods

Design Blitz, blog post





Daily Creates

Total: 3

1. TDC997 (10/1/14)
Water and Glass Moving, with a touch of purple light.


2. TDC 998 (10/2/14)

The Empathy Map of a Jess

3. TDC 999 (10/3/14)

Glass Board Tracing

The Wire

Season 2 Episode 9: Stray Rounds

The title of this episode really rings true, not only literally but metaphorically. Literally, there were stray rounds from the shooting between the Barksdale crew and the other local crew that ultimately killed an innocent child. Metaphorically, there were two major characters that ended up straying away from their original organizations. First off, Stringer is willing to double cross Avon in order to get into business with Proposition Joe. Moreover, Stringer is also willing to double cross Proposition Joe in his own deal. I predict that the Barksdale organization will no longer be the Barksdale organization, but the Bell organization. Second, the FBI agent is in contact with The Greek, but not in an investigative way. The Greek may have helped out the FBI agent with finding the Columbian drugs, but I have a feeling this is a mutual relationship so the FBI agent will eventually help The Greek if the Baltimore Police start finding out more information and putting more pieces together.

Visually, with this episode I tired to pay attention to the sets more. The detail office, although still a little shabby, is much better than the one from Season 1. The most intriguing set was definitely the hotel suite where the prostitutes work. The hotel suite was very elegant and had a vibe that they only has very wealthy clients coming to them. I think there was even a Mona Lisa painting in the suite.

Another setting is the funeral home that Stringer uses as the headquarters. We have seen this set before, and I always thought it was amusing that their new headquarters  is a funeral home, but this time I paid more attention to the details. They have the wooden cross with the jesus on it, and it’s very red. The way that the scene where Stringer is reprimanding Bodie and his crew was shot has it so that Stringer looks like he a pastor or someone that would lead a funeral service. The whole atmosphere is just the completely wrong place to talk about drug packages in.

Season 2, Episode 10: Storm Warnings

I love how the police are getting more high tech!! I like how we get to the incorporation of more computers and now GPS tracking! It was also hilarious to see them discover text messaging. However, the best part of the episode was also the most intense, which was when Ziggy became enraged and murdered Double G and his employee. It was very obvious Ziggy was upset when he did not receive the amount of money he thought he was going to receive, and we saw him taking out his anger inside of the stolen car, however, then we saw him snap. Watching this otherwise goofball character become a murder was pretty dark, especially when Double G began begging and Ziggy showed no mercy. However, after all of that, was the cool special effects of Ziggy walking back to the car and everything was swirling and blurring around him. The design of this scene was very much literal of how he was probably feeling, with all of that adrenaline running through his body. Throughout this episode there were also a lot of close up shots on Ziggy’s face while he was upset, and I’m not sure if that was for emphasis on how he was feeling, or especially on how he awful he feels after realizing what he has done, or if it’s a ploy to make us feel bad for him. Yes, he’s crazy and messes up and just killed two people, but nothing seems to go right for him, ever. Even though he really annoys me, I do hope we see more of him and that this wasn’t a just a way of writing him off the show.

Season 2, Episode 11: Bad Dreams

In this episode we see how important timing is. First, Daniels doesn’t know about Ziggy being arrested until a whole day after the fact. This messes up his case since now the emotional ties of Frank and Nick to Ziggy are weighing in on decisions. We further see how important timing is at the end of the episode when Frank is going to meet with the Greeks. Frank has told the police he’ll talk but they need to a lawyer there with him while talks. Frank is sure he is going to talk but then Nick comes in with a deal from the Greeks to make Ziggy walk and to make Nick and Frank disappear but with the cost of being in debt to the Greeks. However, as the paperwork is being processed and filed for Frank to talk, Frank takes too long to decide what he going to do. Consequently, the paperwork finished before him and the FBI agent who has some sort of deal with the Greek sees it and tells the Greek right before Frank is going to make a deal with him.

The way they shot this end scene made the whole situation very tense. There were back and worth shots from the paperwork going through the office, to Frank driving his truck over to under bridge. We saw Frank contemplating in his truck, we saw the office worker typing up the notice, we saw Frank walking over to the Greeks, then we saw the notice coming in on the FBI agent’s computer. The uncertainty of how the scene would play out was designed to keep the audience in suspense, and it did just that.



From Land to Sea

Reading Analysis:  post here

Reflection  on Bryan Alexander‘s “Web 2.0 Storytelling” chapter from his book The New Digital Storytelling

What is the “digital” in Digital Storytelling?

It is definitely not just the fact that the storytelling is taking place on the Internet. After reading Bryan Alexander‘s “Web 2.0 Storytelling” chapter from his book The New Digital Storytelling, I came to the conclusion that digital storytelling is similar to “analog” epistolary novels. Epistolary novels are novels that are written by compiling several different types of writing. For example, letters, illustrations diary entries, and narratives can all tell the same story through different mediums and from characters’ perspectives. Digital storytelling does the same, tells a story online (hence why it is “digital,” it is not in a tangible form) through using different formats, such as a blogging, social media, images, videos, wikis, etc. I found it fascinating how theses digital storytellers use all of the different formats to really formulate their character’s personalities, but also using them to tell the story. Traditional storytelling relies on adjective to describes characters, but digital storytelling can describe characters through Facebook likes, retweets, and SoundCloud playlists.

All of this being said, based on Alexander’s discussion of digital storytelling, I do not think the Tumblr bot site Scenes from The Wire and Facebook’s TheWire constitute digital storytelling. Neither of them are actually trying to tell a story. The Tumblr bot site appears to be more like a fan page where fans can go, find snippets of the show they enjoyed and reblog them to share with their followers. It is also a great way to spread the show to reach new watchers even though it is over (but people could still buy the DVDs). The Facebook group is also a fan page. On it you can see merchandise for the show and see updates about what other shows the actors are starring on now. There is no story, it is just marketing. They only way it could be seen as trying to tell a story is to tell the story of the show’s success. Digital storytelling requires more than just making a page online. It requires a plot and development and the integration of several different online mediums.


The Wire

Season 1, Episode 13: Sentencing

Finally the day has come when Avon Barksdale gets put away in jail. About a dozen or so of Avon’s men also get sentenced and put away. However many of the dealer’s sentences are not nearly what they should be. Avon has a really good (and annoying) lawyer who really does not care that his clients are pretty dangerous criminals. Another person who doesn’t seem to care that the people they are surrounded by are dangerous men is Avon’s sister, D’angelo’s mother. For her, family is everything no matter what they do. The Barksdale family is extremely loyal, more loyal than the cops are to each other in the police department. D’angelo, however, is willing to severe his loyal ties in order to start over. When given the choice to give up Avon and Stringer and the whole drug ring for his freedom and a chance to start his life over, D’angelo was seriously considering taking it. Personally, I really wanted him to, but unfortunately as he explains, he has grown up in the game, and so as much as he wants to get out he can’t. D’angelo may be free of the game while in jail, but in no way will ever be free like Omar, who helped the police in return for his freedom.

Another major plot point that happened in this episode is that Kima is awake! Kima, continuing to be the character ever does not want to choose the “easy” way and possibly wrongly identify her second shooter as Weebay, despite all of the other evidence the police have against him. Kima also isn’t sure if she wants to stay a cop after she recovers. Her girlfriend says it isn’t worth it, and although McNulty doesn’t want to see her go, he tells her to choose whatever she thinks is best. He does agree with her girlfriend though that getting shot twice and going into a coma isn’t worth it.


Both Kima and D’angelo were faced with very difficult life questions this episode. “Is it worth it?” We’ve seen that D’angelo picks to stay with his family even if he doesn’t think it’s completely worth it to stay in the game. We don’t know what Kima is going to pick yet, but I am very curious to find out!


Season 2, Episode 1: Ebb Tide

The start of season 2 is like a whole new show. Everyone has new positions since the Barksdale case ended, but it doesn’t mean the characters themselves have changed. McNulty as found a new case in his position off the docks and has already made sure he gets to work on it. The docks is definitely going to be the new courtyard for this season so we’ll get to see a different messed up side of Baltimore. The docks appear to be less into drugs and more into smuggling goods, which makes sense since they are in the perfect position for importing and exporting.

Meanwhile, we do get to see what is going on back with our favorite drug dealers. Stringer Bell is running the show, and it is obvious he has definitely learned some things from the Avon bust, and so he has his men followed to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. We also get to see how extensive Stringer’s network is since the boys go from Baltimore to Philadelphia, and Stringer goes up to New York City. He is definitely treating the drug ring more like a business and less like a drug ring in my opinion.

Season 2, Episode 2: Collateral Damage

McNulty is at it again! Apparently one murder case is just not enough for him, and so now he has made sure that the the thirteen dead girls from the shipping crate fell under his jurisdiction. It’s really sad to see how the port detectives really just want to write the dead girls off as cargo, just like how they wanted to write off the girl found by the bridge as a suicide. The people who are supposed to be serving and protecting the city should not be lazy when it comes to crime, especially since nobody else (besides McNulty) is going to investigate these cases.

We also get a look at how prison life is for Avon, D’Angelo and Weebay. Avon is supposed to try to make amends with D’Angelo, as he should in my opinion since D’Angelo essentially gave up his freedom for him. Weebay is also having a difficult time. Among the people on his murdered list is one of the Correctional Officer’s siblings, so needless to say Weebay’s prison life is less than ideal (despite it still being prison.) I love how he had a a fish tank in his cell, and I love how the show has these little continuities thrown into other episodes. A very intriguing part from this episode was when Weebay was explaining to Avon why he is getting treated differently by the CO, and Avon couldn’t even recall the CO’s sibling that Weebay murdered. I feel like that either means Avon has ordered his crew to kill so many people that he honestly cannot remember all of them, or it means that Avon doesn’t see the importance in knowing every person he has ordered his crew to kill. Either way, it was slightly amusing in a dark way that he couldn’t remember the CO’s sibling and I thought it also showed how self-centered Avon really is. Yes, he will look out for his crew, but he only does that because they are also a reflection upon him.


For my three assignments this week I chose to do assignments from the Mashup/Remix, Design, and Visual categories. Here the products of these the assignments and the link to their respective blog posts about the processes that I took to complete them.

Mashup/Remix: Mashup Children’s Book-

If You Give a Donkey a Waffle

If You Give a Donkey a Waffle

Design: Lyric Typography Poster-

Cheap Sunglasses

Visual: Colorize It-

Night Rose
Night Rose

Daily Create

9/8/14 And the light at the end of the tunnel, is the light of an oncoming train. Tell us what happened just before this moment…

"Finally," she thought as she saw the light at the end of the tunnel from the oncoming train. She looked at her watch. It was 8:50pm. She had been waiting for nearly 45 minutes for the train to come past her vantage point. Pressing lightly on the button on her wrist, she made the hood of her speed suit extend over her head to get her red hair back and out of her way. The ground began to rumble as the train came closer to exiting the tunnel. "I hope this mission is quick," she mumbled out loud, "I have a math test tomorrow." She quickly pulled out the Kimmunicator and asked, "Wade, what's the sitch?"

9/10/14 Make a Lune Poem of an Ordinary Act

9/12/14 Make a themed montage video.


So Many Feels on The Wire This Week.

The Wire

Episode 10:

The Cost This episode was jammed pack with all kinds of developments!! Wallace and Omar are staying at the top of my list as McNulty continues to annoy me. McNulty just bothers me because although I know he is probably a good cop and will eventually bring down the whole Barksdale gang, when he isn’t working, he just seems so scummy. He was a bad husband, isn’t a great father, and gets wasted so much that he ends up sleeping at the office. Wallace and Omar on the other hand, are actually trying to turn their lives around and do right. We see Omar helping the police by wearing a wire to Avon’s parlay with Stringer and then we see him leaving town to start anew.

Wallace who is unfortunately still using drugs, is apprehended by the cops and when he is brought in, he tells the cops almost everything they need to know, especially more information about Stringer. I thought it was nice of him to protect D’Angelo from the blame and I think it showed that he is still loyal to him even though he does not work for him anymore. By not turning D’Angelo over, it also shows that he really did appreciate D’Angelo letting him out of the game. The whole idea of Wallace being able to be let free and go live with some relatives outside of the projects really brought some positive light to such a dark show. I like how the writers made sure that we didn’t forget how much this kid needs a new start though, and so when he asks the Lieutenant what “that sound” was (they were crickets chirping) it just reinforces the point that the kids growing up surrounded by the game don’t know anything else.

Bubbles is also at the top of my list,  because he another troubled character that is trying to turn their life around. I like how Whalen and he show the other side of the game, which is all the addicts who are buying from these dealers. Bubbles and Whalen also show that it IS POSSIBLE to get out of the game without ending up dead or in jail. I particularly like Whalen’s quote to Bubble, “gettin’ clean’s the easy part. And then comes life.” That also reinforces that people who are caught up in the game don’t know any other life. In thinking about the title of the episode, which is “The Cost,” we see many different instances of what it costs to be in the game this episode. We see how it’s cost Bubbles his family, we can recall it’s cost Wallace his education, it’s cost Omar his boyfriend, it’s cost Orlando his life, and then at the very end, we see it even costs the cops. It potentially costed them Kima’s life. There was just so much to this episode, that I chose to summarize this one for the GIF assignment.

GIFs from my GIF assignment depicting Episode 10 of The Wire.

(See actual GIF assignment post for the process and a brief reflection.)

Avon slides his pager to Stringer Gettin' clean's the easy part. Now comes life. You wanted to be in the game. Now you're in the game. Stay free. McNulty is trying to see if Kima is alive.

Episode 11: The Hunt

It was refreshing to see some of the higher up cops doing work out in the field instead of just giving orders from their office. Nevertheless, two key moments in the episode really stood out to me. The first is the very short scene of Kima’s girlfriend sitting on their couch in their apartment. You can tell she’s trying to calm down and process Kima’s condition, but then she sees the blue mark from Kima’s highlighter on the cushion. I loved how the scene zoomed into her fingers reaching out to feel the blue mark, as if she were reaching out to Kima herself. Although the scene was very short, I thought it was very poignant since it allows the audience to realize that there are also more minor characters in the show, and just because they aren’t focused on right now, it doesn’t mean their plot line has stopped.

The other scene that really stood out to me in this episode was the seen where Bay takes D to his house. D is absolutely terrified because he has no idea where he is or what Bay is doing. When D nearly breaks down in the dark room of Bay’s place, I thought that signified how terrified of the game D really is, and how much he doesn’t trust the higher ups like Stringer Bell and his uncle to not just “off” him someday. Right as Bay turns on the lights, however, the tone of the scene dramatically changes. Instead of finding himself in some creepy abandoned place, D finds himself surrounded by beautiful and well kept fish tanks. Bay doesn’t seem to understand how much he freaked out D and continues on to tell D about how he needs to look after his fish while he is away in Philly. It was wonderful to see another side of another one of the gang members besides the side we see in the drug game. Bay’s concern for his many fish, that he knows by breed and name gave him a much more personable element, especially since we know he was one of the shooters who shot Kima and Orlando.

Episode 12: Cleaning Up

This episode definitely stayed true to its title. “Cleaning Up” meant many different things depending on who was cleaning up and how they were cleaning up. Avon and Stringer not only literally cleaned up and packed up Orlando’s club but they also cleaned up their men and flushed out anyone they felt they couldn’t trust. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see them order Bodie to kill Wallace and then to see him get shot and die. The deputy was trying to clean up the Barksdale case and told Lieutenant Cedric’s team to bring in Avon on anything, even if it isn’t all about being the leader of a drug ring.

At the very end of the episode, there are two important camera shots that tie together everything that happened in the episode with the title. The first is the police’s bulletin board where they have been tying together all of Barksdale people and his locations. The board does not appear to have any loose ends left, has an “arrested” index card under Avon and it all nice and tidy, or “cleaned up.” The second shot is back at the courtyard where D’Angelo and his crew usually hang out. In this shot, all we see is the empty orange couch out in the middle of the courtyard where it usually is. There is nobody near it or on it, it is just the couch. Avon and Stringer have successfully “cleaned up” the courtyard and got rid of anyone they can’t trust. The biggest question I have now since this wasn’t the season finale, is “now what?” I know the McNulty and the rest of the team he has been working with cannot be happy with only bringing in Avon without Stringer. Furthermore, what is Stringer going to be up to now that Avon has been arrested and a good portion of his crew on the West side has either been sent away, killed, or arrested?

Daily Creates

9/2/14 If great scientists had logos….create your own logo

9/3/14 Represent a Well-Known Story as a Transit Map

9/4/14 Draw Your Own Map of the Internet, Show Your Home

9/5/14 Mashup the pieces of 2 unrelated games into a new game.



Week 1 Summary

The first week of classes is always pretty hectic, mostly because I’m just trying to figure out a routine to get into. Nevertheless, I still managed to do my four introductions for this and watch episodes 7-9 of The Wire, as well as complete some daily creates! I already had a domain and blog set up for this course, and accounts with the various social media sites we were supposed to get accounts on. So, I added my Gravatar, did my introductions on Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud, and Flickr, did a few Daily Creates, and watched the The Wire. Below you will see my four introductions, my thoughts on The Wire and reactions to the discussionsand then finally, my Daily Creates for this week.


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The Wire

My thoughts are the first nine episodes:

For me, the first couple of episodes started out really slow and although the plot was progressing, it was not very exciting to me. The only person I found particularly interesting was McNulty, and that was because he seemed to be the overarching “good guy,” since he wants to actually stay with the Barksdale case and try to take down one of the biggest drug dealers in Baltimore.  For the first few episodes I also had a difficult time keeping track of the characters and what they did. There was an obvious difference between the gang members and the cops, but within the gang and within the police force, I was not too sure of how they were connected. However, once the cops finally copied the gang members pagers, that’s when I really started to enjoy it, mostly because the cops could actually have a chance at arresting the various the gang members. After episode five, the gang members story lines were more appealing to me, and just because they seem like deeper characters than the cops. Yes, McNulty has an ex-wife and kids, but for the part he appears to just drink in his car, get angry, and investigate, whereas D’Angelo, for example, is much more complex. D’Angelo is connected to Avon by blood, and therefore, is connected to game by blood, and so if he ever wanted to leave the game, I bet it would be much more difficult for him to do so. We also see that D’Angelo does a moral code, but the rules of the game do not line up with moral code, so he forced to do things, he might not have necessarily done if he were not in the game.

There have been a few themes or plot/character points that have really stuck to out me throughout the first nine episodes.

1. The morality of the cops v. the morality of the drug dealers

  • The cops beat the people they are arresting, made a kid blind in one eye, cheat on their wives, and they don’t seem to have much remorse for their behavior.
  • Although most of the drug dealers are nearly 100% in the game, D’Angelo and Wallace are different. They have this internal struggle with knowing that what they are doing is harmful and can have some terrible consequences but they continue to do it anyways. D’Angelo also lets Wallace out of the game when he asks and does not punish him. Omar also tells he cops that he knows he has dirt, but he would never torture a man and display his remains out in the open like Avon and Stringer did to Brandon. It shows that not all of the drug dealers have lost their sense of humanity.

2. The openness of homosexuality

  • Considering this show began in 2002, I found it very surprising that in the first nine episodes there were two homosexual couples. There is Detective Kima and her girlfriend, and then there is Omar and Brandon. Both of them are very open about their sexuality and their relationships. 2002 was not like it is now, where same sex marriage is legalized in many states across the U.S., and so it seems like The Wire is pretty progressive in terms of sexuality. Omar and Brandon’s relationship particularly caught my attention because it shows that even though the drug dealers may be shady and commit crimes, they can be accepting of homosexuality, which is definitely (and unfortunately) a contentious issue in the U.S. and can be considered taboo issue. 

3. The culture of the Projects in Baltimore

  • One of my favorite moments so far occurred in episode 9, and it was when the cops were driving around the Projects and the whole area seemed to be deserted. Little did they know everyone from the area was at the basketball game between the East Side and West Side. Once the cops realized everyone was at the basketball game, they ended up just watching it while standing next to one of the drug dealers they had arrested before. Both of them said they were on break, and just watched the game. I loved how both parties from opposing sides just dropped everything and watched the basketball game. The game also showed how Avon Barksdale and Stringer are more than just the drug dealing overlords, but they are also coaches for a basketball team and are active in their community in a more positive and hopefully legal fashion.

Reaction to the discussions:

I liked how Jim and Paul pointed out the the uses of lighting and colors as well as how the epigraphs tied into the episodes. I had not been actively looking for some of the more visual elements besides when the camera does close up shots of certain things. As for the epigraphs, I mainly close tried to figure out when the line was going to be said in the episode, whereas Jim and Paul tended to focus on them more. Clearly they are important line, since the makers of the show specifically pulled them out to use as epigraphs, but I suppose I was too focused on other themes within the episodes. Jim and Paul also talk about the themes of Technology, Surveillance, and Paranoia, which definitely are major themes since not only do the cops watch the drug dealers, but the drug dealers also have eyes of their own. The cops are also pretty behind on their use of technology, but don’t seem to choose the old technologies , whereas the gang purposefully chooses to use pagers instead of cell phones that way they can’t be monitored as easily.

Daily Creates 

I know these don’t start until next week, but I just wanted to see what they’d be like, so I did some.

8/25/14: Make a photo of something in transition and post it on Flickr.

8/26/14: You Have Some Time To Think About The Phone Call…Write the Story.A Fluffy Conundrum” So honey…I know what you’re going to say; that we cannot have another dog, but please just hear me out! He’s a 3 year old Goldendoodle named Peanut and he’s already house trained and knows commands and is friendly with other dogs and everyone, including men, unlike Mandy and he’s super duper sweet. So what do you say? Can we adopt him? I know we don’t really have the space for a Goldendoodle but…it’s kind of too late and he’s in the backseat now, so I’ll see you in a half an hour! Bye! I love you!


8/27/14: Take a photo for Willa Cather. The Sky! The Sky! Upload it to Flickr.