Guest Stars From the Reality TV Show, The Wire

When brainstorming ideas for a radio show that relates to The Wire the first thing that came to mind was to treat the show The Wire as if it were a reality tv show (so the events are actually happening) and have the different characters be guests on a radio show in the real world. For example, the whole show is really just like a reality show where people with cameras are following these cops and criminals that have signed up to be a part of the “Documenting Baltimore” experience. This also kind of ties into how The Wire  is actually supposed so be shot kind of as  a documentary, as we learned in the Jennifer Ralston interview. So how the radio show would be set up is that the show would be having their “Weekly Guest Stars” and this show has the guest stars from the reality tv show The Wire (remember that the guest stars are actually the characters). I was thinking we could have McNulty, Stringer, Greggs, Daniels, and D’Angelo. They would all be there in the same room talking about what happened during what we know as the various seasons of The Wire, but what to them has been the past year(s).

I’m not sure if that’s too complicated to hard to understand, but I thought that idea would create an entertaining radio show and that it was thinking “out of the box” a little!