For Only $19.99 (plus shipping and handling) [Wire Buyers Progess]

Our group is doing well. We have our Google Doc that everyone seems to be checking, and we have divided up some of the work so far. We seem to be having trouble finding a time when everyone is free since we are all busy with classes and work. This would be the one time when it would be nice to have a dedicated class time for DS106 instead of it just being online. As I mentioned in last week’s weekly summary, I was in charge of finding some songs for the musical breaks and I found this site called TuneFind that has the songs featured in tv shows and movies. I have pulled a few songs I personally liked from The Wire, and I found that the The Wire’s soundtrack has all of the renditions of the theme song, so we could do something with that as well for a musical break. Maybe a mashup of theme songs… I also signed up to be in charge of the Kodak and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials for the radio show. Maggie created an assignment where you make a product ad for a radio show, so I’ll definitely be doing that assignment along with my group members, since it directly benefits our radio show.

I also have made a poster for “Wire Buyers,” the title of our radio show, as shown below. Two other group members have made posters as well (Maggie and Imran).  Kris has made two bumper stickers (1 & 2) and an audio commercial. Lauren and Maggie have also created audio commercials. Now what we are trying to do is meet up in person to hash out the rest of the details of the show. If need be, we could do this over Google Hangouts before we have the video chatting session with Jim and Paul. The only issue I am really worried about is that some of the products that are very clearly placed in The Wire aren’t actually mentioned, they are just really obvious visually, and that can’t be transferred into the radio show, so I’m hoping we can find enough products with audio clips to make a 20-30 minute radio show.

Updated: I have also created an audio commercial and Kris has also made a promo poster.