The News Hour aka The Dark Comedy on DS106 Radio

What I thought was going to be straight up serious news on DS106 radio, turned out to be a dark comedy about topics that would actually show up on the news. I love how Meredith was consistently the radio host since that gave us a anchor point to go back to after the different news segments. Amy’s news segments were definitely the most serious and really told painted the entire picture of the various news scenes that were happening. The amount of detail and both Meredith and Amy went into was a bit unexpected but I’m really glad they put them in their show. David’s impression of Bubbles was on point!! I thought it was great! I was taken aback because I couldn’t tell at first if it was an impersonation or not. I also really enjoyed the beginning of the wire theme song as the radio bumpers. The 911 call bit where Shakia, a little girl in the background, is bothering her dad, who is on the 9111 call, for ice cream was hilarious! This is supposed to be a serious 911 emergency call but instead it’s clear that neither the father no the 911 responder is taking the conversation all that seriously. The other 911 call when the mother’s kid gets shot was also really funny because they way the mother was talking to the 911 responder was so dead pan and so unemotional that it just seemed kind of ridiculous. That’s when it really turned into a dark comedy because then the radio host comes back to say “and now in more serious news…Mercedes cars are being stolen” Stolen cars has never been more serious than a murder, but in this strange world it is! Overall I was impressed with this group’s radio show. :) I also liked how they snuck in the White House address to make that a crime scene. That was cute. [Aired 9:00pm-10:00pm, Wednesday, 10/22/14]


Dunkin Donuts

Here is a another commercial I made for the radio show. This one was also edited in Audacity and involved a clip from The Wire and two Dunkin Donut commercials.


Video sources:

1. The Wire Clip: Funny Bunk and Freeman Interrogation by
2. Dunkin’ Donuts – Fritalian Commercial by patricknelson
3. 2010 Dunkin Donuts Commercial by


Wire Buyers Radio Show!

I used Audacity to put together all of our audio tracks. I simply downloaded the tracks from SoundCloud and then imported them in Audacity. I put them in order and cut out any of the silent parts of the various tracks.

Division of Duties:

Maggiespearheaded the group idea, created commercials

Imran- commercials, radio bumpers, dialogue

Jess- commercials, final editing process, dialogue

Lauren- commercials, “Way Down in the Hole” mashup

Kriscommercials, suggested a song to use

Alison- commercials, google doc organization, radio show outline, dialogue

We also all created promotional posters for our show.

The Radio Show broken down:

Dialogue: (Start with tail end of discussion about product placement)


1: “…and there are so many companies that use popular culture to display and market their products. 


2: “You’re so right. Product placement is such an opportunity for companies and this type of marketing has infiltrated so many shows we watch today.


3: Now for a few words from our sponsors…” Part 1: 3 seconds





-McNugget’s Commercial (Maggie-1:18)

-Kodak Camera/ “Kodak Moment” (Jess-0:41)

-Avon’s call–”Avon Calling” parody (Maggie-1:35)

-KFC (Kris-2:16)

(5:01 minutes)


Bumper: (Imran-0:29)



Dialogue: (introducing song)


1: “And what would you like to hear?”


3: “Way Down in the Hole.” Part 2: 1 seconds


1: “Which version?”


3: “All of them.”  Part 3: 1 seconds

(0:15 seconds or so)


Song:-Way Down in the Hole Mashup (Lauren-5:36)


(5:36 minutes)



-The Great Gatsby (Maggie-2:22)

-Diners (Lauren-0:35)

-Games (Alison-2:22)

(5:19 minutes)


-17:55 so far-


Middle Bumper: (0:24)



1: “Stay tuned for our discussion of product placement with The Wire producer David Simon.”



-Jameson commercial (Alison-0:58)

-Men’s Wearhouse Suits (Imran-1:58)

-Prop Joe’s store (Kris-1:57)

-Orlando’s Gentlemen’s Club (Kris-0:53)

(5:46 minutes)


Music: I Walk On Gilded Splinters by Paul Weller (Kris-3:39)

(3:39 minutes)



-Housing (Lauren-2:00)

-Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence-(Imran-3:07)

-Dunkin donuts (Jess-0:57)

(6:04 minutes)


Closing bumper:


TOTAL: 33:35



It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

Since my radio show group is doing a backwards radio show, in that the main content is commercials for products in The Wire, I made one of my commercials for Kodak cameras. This also fulfills an assignment Maggie made called TV Product Placement Radio Ad, worth 2 stars. Kodak cameras were featured in Season 2 Episode 3: Hot Shots. Ziggy specifically references a “Kodak Moment” as Nick and his deal with Double G is working out well.

To make this commercial, I took the audio from the scene where Nick and Ziggy are discussing the camera deal with Double G and the audio from an actual Kodak Commercial and combined the two in Audacity. I moved the introduction part of the music in the Kodak commercial to the end of the commercial audio to serve as background music for when Ziggy is talking about the Kodak cameras Nick and him are stealing for Double G. I cut down the audio from The Wire scene to just the specs and pricing of the cameras, as well as Ziggy’s “Kodak Moment” line.


Guest Stars From the Reality TV Show, The Wire

When brainstorming ideas for a radio show that relates to The Wire the first thing that came to mind was to treat the show The Wire as if it were a reality tv show (so the events are actually happening) and have the different characters be guests on a radio show in the real world. For example, the whole show is really just like a reality show where people with cameras are following these cops and criminals that have signed up to be a part of the “Documenting Baltimore” experience. This also kind of ties into how The Wire  is actually supposed so be shot kind of as  a documentary, as we learned in the Jennifer Ralston interview. So how the radio show would be set up is that the show would be having their “Weekly Guest Stars” and this show has the guest stars from the reality tv show The Wire (remember that the guest stars are actually the characters). I was thinking we could have McNulty, Stringer, Greggs, Daniels, and D’Angelo. They would all be there in the same room talking about what happened during what we know as the various seasons of The Wire, but what to them has been the past year(s).

I’m not sure if that’s too complicated to hard to understand, but I thought that idea would create an entertaining radio show and that it was thinking “out of the box” a little!