It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

Since my radio show group is doing a backwards radio show, in that the main content is commercials for products in The Wire, I made one of my commercials for Kodak cameras. This also fulfills an assignment Maggie made called TV Product Placement Radio Ad, worth 2 stars. Kodak cameras were featured in Season 2 Episode 3: Hot Shots. Ziggy specifically references a “Kodak Moment” as Nick and his deal with Double G is working out well.

To make this commercial, I took the audio from the scene where Nick and Ziggy are discussing the camera deal with Double G and the audio from an actual Kodak Commercial and combined the two in Audacity. I moved the introduction part of the music in the Kodak commercial to the end of the commercial audio to serve as background music for when Ziggy is talking about the Kodak cameras Nick and him are stealing for Double G. I cut down the audio from The Wire scene to just the specs and pricing of the cameras, as well as Ziggy’s “Kodak Moment” line.


ITCC Sounds

I did the assignment called Sound Scapes, worth 4.5 stars. I used Audacity as my sound editor and FreeSound as my source for the sounds. I also used an app recommended by SoundCloud called AudioCopy in order to record the ITCC elevator on my iPhone and then directly upload it to SoundCloud. So what I did first was find sounds on FreeSound that I thought would represent the atmosphere of the ITCC. I figured people talking, mouse clicking, keyboard typing, walking up the main staircase, and the elevator sounds would accurately represent what goes on in the building. I also decided to add in the Mac startup sound since the ITCC has a lot of brand new Macs. Finding the right sounds on FreeSound can be challenging, and I know that for some of these sound, like the people talking and the keyboard typing, I had to listen to several clips, and sometimes even go to the second page :O in order to find what I was looking for. Seriously though, there’s a lot of variations in sounds especially when it comes to different materials being used in the sounds. Once I found all of my sounds, I imported them into Audacity.
Once they were in Audacity, I moved the various clips around and added the “Repeat” effect to my shorter clips to make them longer. I also added in the “Faded In” and “Faded Out” effects to some of the clips in order to ease in their presence. I also lowered the volume of several of my clips to make them seem like they are farther away. Lastly, I imported my own recording of the elevator ride, making it fade in as well as if you were approaching the elevator.


Here’s my finished product!

Sound Credits:

(All sounds from FreeSound)

1. CoffeeShopChatter.wav by oliverbrotzman

2. female heels in staircase short.wav by martian

3. ITCC Elevator  by Jess Reingold

4. Mac Start Up.mp3 by bmusic92

5. Mouse Clicks by junkfood2121

6. Typing_Fast.wav by jaredpass24







Halloween is This Month!!

Since Halloween is this month, I decided to create an assignment, worth 3 stars called Spooky Sounds. For this assignment you have to make an audio track using found sounds or your own recordings that is creepy, spooky, scary, halloween-inspired and make it more than a minute long so we have time to get scared!

I started this assignment by collecting some sounds from FreeSound that I thought would sound right in a haunted house. This included bats, squeaky rocking chairs, footsteps, thunder, wind howling, etc. I also added in a slowed down egg timer to build some suspense with the ticking down. I was lucky that when I was looking for some wind chimes that I found a rather creepy version of wind chimes blowing in the wind. So I took my sounds and imported them into Audacity. I slowed down the egg timer and the footsteps in order to build suspense with them. I soften the rocking chair and the bats to make them blend better with the wind and the wind chimes. I also faded in all of my beginning noises that way it would start off awkwardly loud when listeners hit the play button. For the wind howling, I wanted it to come in twice, but I didn’t want to repeat the same noise so what I did is split the wind howling track into two parts and simply dragged the second part into a different section of the overall audio track. The door creaking was surprisingly the most difficult sound to find just because I had a very specific creaking in mind, and most of the creaking doors I found were either the wrong material or the wrong pitch.

Sounds from

Sounds Used:
1. timer with ding.wav by keweldog (
2. bonitoWindchime.wav by plagasul (
3. footsteps on wood by Mydo1 (
4. bats1.aif by sofie (
5. wind_howl2_mono.wav by swiftoid (
6. Door – Creak 02.wav by JarredGibb (
7. Thunder » Dry Thunder3.wav by juskiddink (

Haunted House by Open Clips (


And They Lived Happily Ever Aca-After

I love the movie Pitch Perfect, and I knew I wouldn’t mind listening to the soundtrack over and over, so I decided to transform it into a radio show for the Movie as Radio audio assignment worth 3 stars. In order to do this assignment I downloaded a few clips from the movie and almost all of the songs on the soundtrack from Youtube using Video DownloadHelper on Mozilla Firefox. Then I began importing the songs one at a time, into Audacity, mixing in a few clips here and there in order to make sure the songs from the soundtrack were in the order as how they appeared in the movie. I trimmed the audio files using the “split” function and “split delete” function. I also made use of the “fade in” and “fade out” effects in order to transition from one song to another smoother. The only difficulties I had were figuring out which parts of each song I wanted, and in two cases I just left the entire song since one was very short, and the other was the final song, which is basically the end of the movie.


D…S…106 Radio

This is a very short bumper created for the audio assignment, “Create a DS106 Radio Bumper,” which is 1.5 stars. I first found the kind of sound I wanted on SoundCloud by searching for Creative Commons EDM mixes and then clicking around in songs to find their buildups. There’s ALWAYS buildups in EDM. Then I headed over to Freesound and search for sounds that kind of sounded like wires running electricity or something of that nature since this class is also known as Wire106. I finally found one that the scratchy kind of hum sound I was envisioning. Lastly, I needed someone to say “DS106 Radio.” I knew I definitely did not want to record myself talking, so I searched for free online text to speech computer generated voices that also allowed me to download the audio. I came across YAKiToMe! and used the “Audrey” voice to say “DS1O6 Radio.”

After I got these three bits downloaded, I imported them into Audacity. I found the particular buildup in the EMD mix I wanted and trimmed down the audio to just the buildup. I then faded in and faded out the EDM buildup. Next, I faded in and out the electricity sound. After that, I broke up the voice audio so I could spread out the “D,” “S,” “106,” “Radio,” and I added the reverb effect to all of the voice part. I placed the different voice parts to where I thought they might work best, and then  lastly, I sped up the voice part just a tad.

Credits for the sounds used:
1. COMMERCIAL EDM MIX JAN 6TH 2014 by djsn1 on SoundCloud

2. Electricity.wav by da_maestro on

3. Audrey voice from YAKiToMe!

Radio Logo:
I used Pixlr to redesign of the DS106 logo.


The Last Chance

The second audio assignment I chose to do was Sound Effects Story, which is 3.5 stars. For this assignment I had to tell a story using nothing but sound effects. I could not use verbal communication, and I had to use at least five different sounds that I found online. Lastly, the story could not be longer than 90 seconds. So what I did was I came up with a story idea and then headed over to freesound to find the clips I thought would be most useful in telling the story I wanted to to tell. Once I found the clips that matched the sounds I wanted to have conveying my story, I downloaded them and imported them into Audacity. There, I moved the clips into their proper locations for the plot and shorten one of the clips that was too long. Once all of my clips were in place, I exported the project as a .wav file (since it was complicated to save it a .mp3 and I found a site that convert .wav to .mp3 if I needed to convert it).

As you see below, this is my final result! It is a 45 second long story that uses 5 different sound clips.

Clip citations:
1. WALLA Ballpark Chatter by AshFox (trimmed down duration)
2. Dragging baseball bat by anochrist
3. swing1.mp3 by Taira Komori
4. Glove Catch 1 FF014.aif by martinimeniscus
5. BaseballHitAndCrowdCheer.mp3 by AmishRob


Guess the Song!

I did the assignment called “Reverse Audio Quiz” which is a 2.5 star assignment. To reverse my audio track, I downloaded Audacity, imported the original version of the track, and added the “Reverse” effect. That reversed my track. It was very simple. However, it did take me some time to figure out which song I wanted to reverse since I wanted it to be interesting sounding, somewhat familiar, but not incredibly easy. I figure if you know this song then you will be able to recognize it reversed. So, here are my 3 hints for you all!
1. It is by a German/Russian electronic dance music producer.
2. It was released in 2013.
3. This song won a Grammy award.

Leave your guesses in the reply box!