Basic Braid Time Lapse

For the Activity Time Lapse assignment, worth 3.5 stars, I chose to make a time lapse video of me braiding my hair in a basic side braid. I used the time lapse feature on my iPhone to record it. However, that made the time lapse 4.0 seconds long. So, on the Youtube video editing settings, I slowed it down and I added a filter to it because the lighting my apartment is not very great, so I wanted to mask it.

Here’s the final product.



2 for 1


Total Stars: 18

1. Swede (4.5 stars) worked with Maggie: Much Swede.

2. Video Essay (5 stars): 

3. Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life (5 stars): TV Scenes That Changed My Life

Tv scenes that have changed my life-VideoAssignments442 from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.

4. Activity Time Lapse (3.5 stars): Basic Braid Time Lapse

Live Tweeting

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Daily Creates- 2 per week

1. 11/3/14

TDC1030- Caption it!

Beaver Family Portrait

2. 11/4/14

Thesis Writing

Written by Jess Reingold, @jessreingold on November 4, 2014 5:52 pm

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I very much wish
My thesis were a haiku
Then it would be done

3. 11/14/14

Geek Magnetic Poetry: The Era of the Dragon

4. 11/15/14

Jess’s Flag

If I were to have a flag, this is what it’d look like. A little complicated, but very representative of myself.

Final Project

Character: Special Agent Terrance “Fitz” Fitzhugh







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Wire Watching

Intensity, Awkwardness, Politics, New Leaf, Just Business, New Realm, Boxing.

Intensity- Omar and Brother Mouzone teaming up and killing Stringer, and Johnny dying, the girls in Prez’s class fighting and slashing one girl’s face

Awkwardness- Herc walking in on the mayor getting a blow job

Politics- Carcetti is freaking out about how he very well may loose the mayor race, but when a key witness dies, he takes the opportunity to call out Mayor Royce on not listening to him about protecting witnesses.

New Leaf- Bubbles has been trying to get his new business partner to go to school, McNulty doesn’t get full out drunk and is actually there for Beadie and her kids

Just Business- I cannot believe both Avon and Stringer betryed each other. I just that’s just the nature of the game. Now the Avon is in jail and Stringer is dead though, it looks like it’s time for Marlo to shine. I was also surprised that Marlo joined the Co-op with Prop Joe, but good for him! I wonder if the violence will tone down now…

New Realm-School! I love the childrens’ story lines. It shows just how much the drug trade trickles down. I think it’s also very cool that Colvin has decided to help study them. I also think it’s interesting how Prez decided to be a teacher. He doesn’t quite seem tough enough to teach these inner city kids, but I think once he earns their respect then he can really guide them, or at least teach them math.

Boxing- I love that Cutty has got his gym up and running and that it’s transformed into a proper gym. I think he’s a great influence on these otherwise troubled kids. I hope between him and Prez, they can make a difference in these kids’ lives.




Much Swede.

Maggie and I decided to so our swede on Season 3, Episode 11 of The Wire. We wanted to try to include as much as  the plot as we could, so we broke the episode down into 13 main scenes. Next, we planned out the days we’d shoot, the times, and the locations. We even asked DTLT and fellow DKC tutors to help with being extra parts. Maggie created a Google Doc that had all of swede planned out and she wrote the script. We used my camera, but we edited it together. We tried to make sure we each played the same character(s) throughout the scenes to provide some continuity. This swede was for the assignment, “Swede a Scene” worth 4.5 stars.

We tried to make some of our props/costumes fit the characters, such as Omar’s trench coat, and Brother Mouzone’s bowtie and blazer. Once we got all of our clips, we imported them into iMovie and trimmed down all of our outtakes. We also got some footage for our title sequence and added that to the swede as well. Lastly, we downloaded the intro and credits songs and sped them up to fit our swede.

Here is our final product!!


TV Scenes That Changed My Life

I did the Movie TV Scenes That Changed Our Lives assignment worth 5 stars. For this assignment I picked out 3 scenes that were very memorable to me, and provided some commentary on what the situation of the scene is and why it moved me.
These are three scenes from various tv shows that have really stuck with me overtime:

1. The end of “Symphony of Illusion” from How I Met Your Mother (7×12)

2. Vincent in the Museum from”Vincent and the Doctor” from Doctor Who (5×10)

3. The Lion Turtle from “Sozin’s Comet Part 2: Old Masters” from Avatar: The Last Airbender (3×19)

To make this video, I downloaded the episodes that I was picking these scenes from. I imported them into iMovie and cut them down to the led up of the scenes and then to just the particular scenes. I then added in either a freeze frame, or silent video leading up to the scene in order to provide space for my commentary about the scenes. I used iMovie’s ability to record from the webcam to import my commentary. I also used one of the pre-made themes for the transitions. Lastly, I inserted some titles to display which episode and show the scenes are from.

Two of them are pretty emotional, but I think that’s why I can remember them so well. I know in the moment, when I first watched the first two episodes, I started tearing up during these scenes. I’m not entirely satisfied with my explanation/analysis of the scenes, but I also didn’t want the commentary to sound scripted, so I just did a couple takes of my thoughts and picked the best one for each scene.

Tv scenes that have changed my life-VideoAssignments442 from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.


Reflection on Fritz Lang’s M

To provide tension, Lang shows the importance of time. We see the mother look up at the clock when it is noon and we know that something is important at noon. Then we see the little girl from the beginning coming back from school. We can infer she is on her way her home since her mother has been setting  a place at the kitchen table for her. Next, we see her bounces her ball on a poster. The camera zooms in on the poster, so we know we are supposed to read it. After Google Translating it, I discovered it is a wanted poster for a murderer, which cannot be good. Lang then has a shadow of a man’s face appear on the poster implying this is the shadow of the murderer. He is talking to the little girl and since she alone, we can only guess she’s going to die. Then tension keeps building when we see the mother begin to worry and look at the clock once more to show that an usual amount of time has passed. We also hear the doorbell ring and to the mother and our disappointment, it is just a salesmen and not her daughter. Even though I don’t know German, the body language and movements used by the camera help to describe the emotion of the scenes and what may happen next. The mother also looks down the stairwell, and the camera pans down to show that there is no sign of the girl whatsoever, which is another bad sign. The camera pans to the clock once more to show how late is getting and how it’s been over an hour since school has gotten out. The mother also calls out for her daughter which just makes the scene even more heart-wrenching to watch. We then see the empty staircase, the empty downstairs area, the empty place for the girl at the table. It is very clear that she is not coming home. There is also an abundant amount of silence, which just further shows that the little girl is probably dead. Lastly, we see the girls ball and balloon unattended, meaning she really is gone.


Look, Listen, Analyze: Dennis and His Boxing Gym

Lucky for me, someone has already uploaded the scene I wanted to analyze onto Youtube, so you can watch the scene here:

1. Analysis of the camera work:

The scene begins with Dennis looking up at the city government building. He looks tiny compared to the building, and I believe that is intentional since he is just one man within the very populated city of Baltimore. The scene bounces around to Dennis at different windows for different permits, talking to the various people he needs to talk to in order to get his boxing gym set up. The scene is fast and there are a lot of cuts between the different people he has to talk to. Even without sound it is clear that Dennis is becoming overwhelmed and the process to set up a gym in Baltimore is completed and involves a lot of red tape. I also love how you can tell that Dennis barely says a word in this scene, since he’s just trying to absorb all of the information that is being thrown at him. The scene also has a lot of shadows going on and I think that could just emphasize how unfamiliar this process is to Dennis and how he feels like he’s in dark on how to get a gym set up.

2. Analysis of the audio track:

When I don’t watch the video and just listen, the scene just sounds like a bunch of codes for health and safety and district codes and all the regulations that Dennis has to meet. It sounds like a lot of details to tackle by yourself and it sounds like it will take forever for Dennis to set up his gym. All of the government employees voices are pretty monotone as well which just further enhances this idea that all of the bureaucratic elements that are part of trying to open up a business is tedious and monotonous.

3. Putting it all together:

When I watch the scene normally, I feel for Dennis because he seems like he is in way over his head when it comes to setting up his boxing gym. He looks bored and confused by the government employees, and I noticed that the government employees don’t even bother explaining the various regulations and requirement to him, but instead just keep droning on about what he must have in his boxing gym in order for it to be legal. From Dennis’ body language and from how quickly the scene is paced and how many different employees he ends up having to see, I believe the that the intention of the scene is to show viewers that Dennis is confused and overwhelmed and really needs some help with setting up the gym even though he wants to be able to do it on his own.


Halloween Oranges

TDC1027: Take a Halloween Color Walk!

My collage consists of shades of orange since it is Halloween. In the collage yo see flowers my boyfriend got me, my indoor pumpkins, the card my mom made for me, and the flame string lights we have hanging up in our apartment!