Architecture/Landscape Then And Now

I created the Architecture/Landscape Then And Now Visual Assignment. I wanted to do this because I enjoyed blending then and now pictures of UMW last year for my senior history seminar called Adventures in Digital History.

Here’s the description of the assignment:

“Much like other then and now assignments, this assignment requires an old photo and a current photo. The difference is that the blended photo must be a landscape or include architecture, so a building, house, etc. People aren’t the only things that change over time! If you don’t have old photos, find one through Creative Commons! ”




New Daily Creates!

Today I submitted 2 ideas for new daily creates.

1. Photography-Upside Down Day! Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything that would cool upside down.

2. Audio- Right Here, Right Now. Record 10 seconds of what you are hearing right at this moment!


The Divergent Games

I did the Movie Trailer Mashup Assignment worth 4.5 stars.

I dowloaded both the Divergent and Hunger Games trailers from Youtube and imported them into iMovie.

Next, I broke up the trailers into the scenes they featured from the movies, and tried to find similar scenes between the two trailers. I put the similar scenes together and carefully ordered them to make sure a plot line somewhat flowed through the new mashup trailer. I also wanted some of the talking to I made sure to increase the volume on the talking scenes and mute the scenes that did not need their original sounds. I found a royalty free song on Incompetech to add to almost the entire trailer. In the very beginning I simply copied part of the background music from the Divergent trailer and added it to the hunger games scene before bringing in my royalty free track. I kept the black transitions from the original trailers and added in transitions between the title scenes and trailers and the date scene and the trailer. I added in the release date scene for my mashuped movie and created a mashuped logo for my movie trailer.
I picked these two movies because they both take place in a dystopian futuresque world, and both have lead female characters. This is The Divergent Games.

The Divergent Games from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.


The Classroom is a Dangerous Place Too

For the Video Essay assignment worth 5 stars, I chose 3 scenes from Season 4, Episode 3 of The Wire, “Home Rooms.” I downloaded the episode from the Wire 106 website and then imported it into iMovie. I only moved the scenes I was providing commentary for to the actual timeline in iMovie. Then, I recorded my commentary using iMovie’s recording feature.
The scenes I picked were the most enjoyable/most intense scenes in my opinion from the episode.
Here’s my final product:

-embed coming soon, youtube decided to flag it for copyright-