My Contributions to the DS106 Assignment Bank

Daily Creates I submitted:

1. Photography-Upside Down Day! Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything that would cool upside down.

2. Audio- Right Here, Right Now. Record 10 seconds of what you are hearing right at this moment!

Assignments I created:

1. Spooky Sounds- in Audio Assignments- 3 stars

2. Architecture/Landscape Then and Now- in Visual Assignments- 3.5 stars

3. Find a Digital Tool -in Web Assignments- 5 stars

Tutorials I made:

1. Pixlr Tutorial

2. Visual GIF Assignment Tutorial



Google Hangout Discussion S4E10

From 8pm-9pm on Tuesday (Dec. 2), Jonathon, Nicky, Lauren, Nicholas, and I had a discussion about Season 4 Episode 10:”Misgivings” of The Wire. Jonathon started the discussion by sharing some screenshots of scenes from the episode that really struck him. On in particular was when the  (asshole) police officer caught the boy who is really good at stealing cars. Instead of arresting him, the cop decides to break several of this kid’s fingers. We all agreed that it was completely wrong from the cop to punish the kid like that, and several of us had a difficult time watching it. Nicholas mentioned that this show has elements that reflected news events happening currently, but just all agreed and decided to not get into the issues of today. That led into Lauren’s point about how gruesome it was to see Michael’s dad murdered by Chris and Snoop. That was one of the most difficult scenes to watch in the series yet. (Although after watching this week’s episodes…i’ve decided this entire show is just the saddest thing ever.) I also then brought up how it was interesting that even though nobody actually said what Michael’s father did to him, we all can assume what it was (molestation, assault, abuse) and so even though his death was very brutal, I personally was glad to see his character go. Nicky also shared some screen shots, particularly all of the camera shots with tables in them. There was quite a lot of them, and we discussed how the lighting, and the position of the people at that tables symbolized different things. For example, when the lighting was dark, it was because it was a serious moment, and when it was lighter, it was supposed to be a more inviting moment. Furthermore, whenever the politicians were sitting at the tables, they were always on the opposite end from where the camera was. This could symbolize how politicians are not always in tune with the average citizen (aka the audience member, the viewer). We also noted how when it was politicians around the table, there were a few of them, and that meant that a few amount of people make decisions that affect many, whereas the scene where the school administrators are around a table, there’s more of them, so the decision is better represented.

I tried to record our video discussion, but unfortunately I used the wrong google hangouts. I did not use googles hangouts on air, but instead, regular google hangouts. I tried to also use a software called Snag It that I had downloaded in order to capture the audio and video from my screen but the application kept crashing and not saving what it had recorded before crashing. I have some pictures to prove we did talk together online (below), but nevertheless since I volunteered to be the point person, it’s entirely on me that I don’t have the actual video of the discussion.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.37.23 PM hangout_snapshot_0


Architecture/Landscape Then And Now

I created the Architecture/Landscape Then And Now Visual Assignment. I wanted to do this because I enjoyed blending then and now pictures of UMW last year for my senior history seminar called Adventures in Digital History.

Here’s the description of the assignment:

“Much like other then and now assignments, this assignment requires an old photo and a current photo. The difference is that the blended photo must be a landscape or include architecture, so a building, house, etc. People aren’t the only things that change over time! If you don’t have old photos, find one through Creative Commons! ”




New Daily Creates!

Today I submitted 2 ideas for new daily creates.

1. Photography-Upside Down Day! Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything that would cool upside down.

2. Audio- Right Here, Right Now. Record 10 seconds of what you are hearing right at this moment!


Reflection on Fritz Lang’s M

To provide tension, Lang shows the importance of time. We see the mother look up at the clock when it is noon and we know that something is important at noon. Then we see the little girl from the beginning coming back from school. We can infer she is on her way her home since her mother has been setting  a place at the kitchen table for her. Next, we see her bounces her ball on a poster. The camera zooms in on the poster, so we know we are supposed to read it. After Google Translating it, I discovered it is a wanted poster for a murderer, which cannot be good. Lang then has a shadow of a man’s face appear on the poster implying this is the shadow of the murderer. He is talking to the little girl and since she alone, we can only guess she’s going to die. Then tension keeps building when we see the mother begin to worry and look at the clock once more to show that an usual amount of time has passed. We also hear the doorbell ring and to the mother and our disappointment, it is just a salesmen and not her daughter. Even though I don’t know German, the body language and movements used by the camera help to describe the emotion of the scenes and what may happen next. The mother also looks down the stairwell, and the camera pans down to show that there is no sign of the girl whatsoever, which is another bad sign. The camera pans to the clock once more to show how late is getting and how it’s been over an hour since school has gotten out. The mother also calls out for her daughter which just makes the scene even more heart-wrenching to watch. We then see the empty staircase, the empty downstairs area, the empty place for the girl at the table. It is very clear that she is not coming home. There is also an abundant amount of silence, which just further shows that the little girl is probably dead. Lastly, we see the girls ball and balloon unattended, meaning she really is gone.


Look, Listen, Analyze: Dennis and His Boxing Gym

Lucky for me, someone has already uploaded the scene I wanted to analyze onto Youtube, so you can watch the scene here:

1. Analysis of the camera work:

The scene begins with Dennis looking up at the city government building. He looks tiny compared to the building, and I believe that is intentional since he is just one man within the very populated city of Baltimore. The scene bounces around to Dennis at different windows for different permits, talking to the various people he needs to talk to in order to get his boxing gym set up. The scene is fast and there are a lot of cuts between the different people he has to talk to. Even without sound it is clear that Dennis is becoming overwhelmed and the process to set up a gym in Baltimore is completed and involves a lot of red tape. I also love how you can tell that Dennis barely says a word in this scene, since he’s just trying to absorb all of the information that is being thrown at him. The scene also has a lot of shadows going on and I think that could just emphasize how unfamiliar this process is to Dennis and how he feels like he’s in dark on how to get a gym set up.

2. Analysis of the audio track:

When I don’t watch the video and just listen, the scene just sounds like a bunch of codes for health and safety and district codes and all the regulations that Dennis has to meet. It sounds like a lot of details to tackle by yourself and it sounds like it will take forever for Dennis to set up his gym. All of the government employees voices are pretty monotone as well which just further enhances this idea that all of the bureaucratic elements that are part of trying to open up a business is tedious and monotonous.

3. Putting it all together:

When I watch the scene normally, I feel for Dennis because he seems like he is in way over his head when it comes to setting up his boxing gym. He looks bored and confused by the government employees, and I noticed that the government employees don’t even bother explaining the various regulations and requirement to him, but instead just keep droning on about what he must have in his boxing gym in order for it to be legal. From Dennis’ body language and from how quickly the scene is paced and how many different employees he ends up having to see, I believe the that the intention of the scene is to show viewers that Dennis is confused and overwhelmed and really needs some help with setting up the gym even though he wants to be able to do it on his own.


Inspired by Video Games

I loved Lauren’s mashup trailer for Dishonored Creed. She took two video trailers and combined them into what looks to be a really fantastic game.

I don’t play video games very much since I’m not very good at them, but I do love seeing how the trailer for the games are getting more and more cinematic, which is why they are played in the trailers before movies in the movie theaters now. I thought Lauren did a great job of incorporating the music and the game trailers to set the tone of the entire mashup trailer. I also didn’t think her plot points were that cheesy as she mentioned in her blog post. In fact, I liked it since I don’t know quite what these games are about. I could definitely see her mashup be shown in a movie theatre.

Lauren’s blog post

Inspiration post


Inspired by Setting Fire to the Rain

I loved Maggie’s music video featuring clips of McNulty from The Wire with Adele’s song “Set Fire to the Rain.” I thought it was really clever since Adele’s songs are always dramatic and McNulty, himself, is a drama queen in my opinion. I loved how the emotion of the song reflected McNulty’s emotions as well, and you can see his internal struggle with different aspects of his life (particularly his crush on Beadie) throughout this music video. I thought Maggie executed it perfectly, and she inspired me to make a Wire music video as well!

Maggie’s Blog Post

My Inspiration Post


The News Hour aka The Dark Comedy on DS106 Radio

What I thought was going to be straight up serious news on DS106 radio, turned out to be a dark comedy about topics that would actually show up on the news. I love how Meredith was consistently the radio host since that gave us a anchor point to go back to after the different news segments. Amy’s news segments were definitely the most serious and really told painted the entire picture of the various news scenes that were happening. The amount of detail and both Meredith and Amy went into was a bit unexpected but I’m really glad they put them in their show. David’s impression of Bubbles was on point!! I thought it was great! I was taken aback because I couldn’t tell at first if it was an impersonation or not. I also really enjoyed the beginning of the wire theme song as the radio bumpers. The 911 call bit where Shakia, a little girl in the background, is bothering her dad, who is on the 9111 call, for ice cream was hilarious! This is supposed to be a serious 911 emergency call but instead it’s clear that neither the father no the 911 responder is taking the conversation all that seriously. The other 911 call when the mother’s kid gets shot was also really funny because they way the mother was talking to the 911 responder was so dead pan and so unemotional that it just seemed kind of ridiculous. That’s when it really turned into a dark comedy because then the radio host comes back to say “and now in more serious news…Mercedes cars are being stolen” Stolen cars has never been more serious than a murder, but in this strange world it is! Overall I was impressed with this group’s radio show. :) I also liked how they snuck in the White House address to make that a crime scene. That was cute. [Aired 9:00pm-10:00pm, Wednesday, 10/22/14]



The Great Barksdale by Maggie Stough

One of Maggie’s many commercial for our radio show about product placement was a commercial for The Great Gatsby. In the show The Wire one of the main characters in season 1 and 2 talks discusses the book The Great Gatsby with the book group while in prison.  What Maggie did that inspired me so much with this audio track is that she combined The Wire characters’  dialogues with the voiceover narration by  from the recent The Great Gatsby movie trailer. What’s great is that Maggie found the clips from The Wire where the characters are discussing the plot of Great Gatsby as well as some of the symbolism within the story and meshed them with the trailer narration in order to enhance the actual movie trailer. Another part of the track I really liked is the beginning audio clip with “coming soon to DVD and video” that used to be on every single movie you’d watch before videos were phased out. Overall, Maggie did a great job editing and creating this commercial and it inspired me to make better audio tracks.