The Divergent Games

I did the Movie Trailer Mashup Assignment worth 4.5 stars.

I dowloaded both the Divergent and Hunger Games trailers from Youtube and imported them into iMovie.

Next, I broke up the trailers into the scenes they featured from the movies, and tried to find similar scenes between the two trailers. I put the similar scenes together and carefully ordered them to make sure a plot line somewhat flowed through the new mashup trailer. I also wanted some of the talking to I made sure to increase the volume on the talking scenes and mute the scenes that did not need their original sounds. I found a royalty free song on Incompetech to add to almost the entire trailer. In the very beginning I simply copied part of the background music from the Divergent trailer and added it to the hunger games scene before bringing in my royalty free track. I kept the black transitions from the original trailers and added in transitions between the title scenes and trailers and the date scene and the trailer. I added in the release date scene for my mashuped movie and created a mashuped logo for my movie trailer.
I picked these two movies because they both take place in a dystopian futuresque world, and both have lead female characters. This is The Divergent Games.

The Divergent Games from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.


Emperor’s New Groove in 5 Seconds

For the 5 Second Film assignment worth 4.5 stars, I chose to condense the Emperor’s New Groove in 5 seconds. Originally I thought this assignment was going to be really easy, but then I discovered just how fast 5 seconds go by. Another issue I ran into was that all of the best parts of the movie don’t really make the plot understandable when they are isolated, so what I ended up doing was just trying to convey the basic plot within the 5 seconds. The entire movie wasn’t available on Youtube, but I found the areas of the movie I needed to download. I used Video DownloadHelper on Firefox to download the video clips from Youtube. Then, I imported my clips in iMovie and trimmed them down significantly that when when they were altogether they only added up to 5 seconds long. After that I added in my title and credit sequences. Lastly, I found an instrumental version of the opening song for the Emperor’s New Groove and downloaded that from youtube as well. I trimmed the music down and had it fade down during the 5 second movie sequence. Then I simply “Shared” it as a file and then uploaded it to Youtube!

Video elements:

1. Emperors new groove by Gazoo Junior

2. The Emperor’s New Groove – Stuck in the Ravine by The Mouse Castle

3. The Emperor’s New Groove- Run for the potion by Musings of an archaeologist

4. THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE – Perfect World (with Reprise) by Arthur Leitgeb

5. Perfect World Karaoke [Without Vocals] by GirGrunny


The Party Don’t Start ‘Till I Walk In (GIF Tutorial)

Darcy Arrives GIF

Created in Adobe Photoshop


Darcy Arrives2

Created with GIMP

These GIFs were made for the Say it Like Peanut Butter Assignment from the DS106 Assignments site.

Using Photoshop

The first version here was made using Adobe Photoshop. Here are the steps I took to make this GIF from the movie Pride and Prejudice:

1. I imported my video clip into Photoshop using the import video frames to layers option.

2. Next, I opened up the timeline at the bottom of the screen and selected New layers Visible in All Frames in the small Timeline drop down in the upper right corner of the timeline.

3. After that, I cropped all of my frames by clicking on the first frame, holding down Shift and scrolling to my last frame and clicking on it to select all of my frames, and then using the Crop Tool (5th tool on the side tool bar).

4. Then, I resized all of my frames by clicking on the first frame, holding down Shift and scrolling to my last frame and clicking on it to select all of my frames, and then resizing my image under the Image tab and selecting Image Size.

5. I then deleted a bunch of unnecessary frames by selecting several of the frames on the timeline and clicking the trash button at the bottom of the timeline in order to make my final GIF file size smaller.

6. Lastly, under the File tab I clicked on Save for Web… and selected the Optimized version as well as made sure it was saving as a GIF (drop-down under the Preset drop-down). I did not play around with any of the other settings.

Using GIMP

The Second Version of the GIF was made using GIMP.

Here’s how I made it:

I imported my video clip into MPEG Streamclip (you can also edit your video in this instead of editing it in another video editor).  Then, I exported the file  as Export to Other Formats and choose Image Sequence in the drop down at the top of the pop-out window. This converted my video clip into a bunch of still images.

Next, I opened GIMP and imported all of my still images from the video clip by clicking on Open as Layers and selecting all of my still images at the same time by holding down the Command/Control key and clicking on all of them.

After that, I linked all of my layers by clicking on the blank square next to the eye icon, which is next to layer thumbnails in the layers sidebar in order to edit them all once. I cropped my images, using the Crop tool.

Then I unlinked my layers by once again clicking on the chainlink icon next to all of my layers.

Lastly, I exported my layers by clicking on Export As and selecting GIF as my file type. I checked the boxes labeled Interlacing, and As Animation, as well as Loop Forever and I unchecked the box labeled GIF comment in the pop-out window for exporting GIF options.


Dunkin Donuts

Here is a another commercial I made for the radio show. This one was also edited in Audacity and involved a clip from The Wire and two Dunkin Donut commercials.


Video sources:

1. The Wire Clip: Funny Bunk and Freeman Interrogation by
2. Dunkin’ Donuts – Fritalian Commercial by patricknelson
3. 2010 Dunkin Donuts Commercial by


It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

Since my radio show group is doing a backwards radio show, in that the main content is commercials for products in The Wire, I made one of my commercials for Kodak cameras. This also fulfills an assignment Maggie made called TV Product Placement Radio Ad, worth 2 stars. Kodak cameras were featured in Season 2 Episode 3: Hot Shots. Ziggy specifically references a “Kodak Moment” as Nick and his deal with Double G is working out well.

To make this commercial, I took the audio from the scene where Nick and Ziggy are discussing the camera deal with Double G and the audio from an actual Kodak Commercial and combined the two in Audacity. I moved the introduction part of the music in the Kodak commercial to the end of the commercial audio to serve as background music for when Ziggy is talking about the Kodak cameras Nick and him are stealing for Double G. I cut down the audio from The Wire scene to just the specs and pricing of the cameras, as well as Ziggy’s “Kodak Moment” line.


How I Procrastinate

I did the Visual Assignment “Multiply Yourself,” worth 5 stars.

How I did this was I simply put my camera on our dining table, set the timer to ten seconds, and took siz different pictures of myself doing different things in the living room. I did not move the camera at all, and made sure the objects in the room did not move in between shots.

After I took my photos, I imported them into Pixlr, even though Photoshop would have made the process easier. After the were in Pixlr, I picked one of the images to be my base image. The image I picked to be the base was the one where I’m sticking my head through the door. I then used the lasso tool with the feathering set to eight to cut myself out from the whiteboard picture and paste myself into the base picture. In order to make sure I lined everything up between the cut out and the base image, I made the opacity of the cut out layer about 50-70%  until it was in the right position. Once lined up, I raised the opacity of the cut out layer back to 100%. Then, I cleaned up the edges with the circle eraser tool that has feathering. I repeated this process of cutting myself out of the other pictures and pasting myself onto the base image four more times until I had all six of me in the same room. The hardest Jess to clean up was definitely the dancing/jumping Jess because I had to make sure that the Jess laying down on the couch was actually visible, so I really had to basically outline the dancing/jumping Jess with the eraser almost down to the pixel. Once I got all of the Jesses in same image, I double checked to see if there was anywhere the furniture or the wall colors were off and touched up the spots I found with the eraser tool to make sure that the room layout was all from the base image.

If I try to do this kind of image manipulation again, I will definitely go out and buy a tripod for my camera, that way I won’t have AS much erasing to do.


“Now You’re in the Game.”

For the GIF assignment, I summarized Season 1, Episode 10: The Cost of The WireI picked five scenes that had what I felt were either crucial moments, and/or crucial lines. The actual GIF making process was definitely more difficult than I had thought it would be, but that is because I chose to make it more difficult for myself. I was not satisfied with MPEG Streamclip and GIMP after making one GIF, so I decided to head over the library to work some Adobe Creative Suite magic. Turns out I may know how to do the photoshop part of the GIF making, but I didn’t know how to do the video editing. I vaguely remembered how I was taught using Adobe Premiere, so I asked for some help, watched some Youtube tutorials, and of course googled as much as I could. Nevertheless, I finally figured out how to trim the video, add text, export it, and then open it up as layers in Photoshop to save it as a GIF.

However, just when I thought everything would be okay, the software did not cooperate at first. My first GIF ended up saving too slow despite the preview appearing to be at normal speed. My second GIF ended up saving too fast despite the preview appearing to be at normal speed. So as you can imagine, at this point I was very confused, but not completely defeated. I continued on, and just like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, my third GIF was just right! :D (And the ones after that too.)

So although I spent nearly three hours on the library Mac desktop, I managed to make all of the GIFs that I felt summarized The Cost. Below are my five GIFs. (I didn’t really need 6.) Enjoy!


You wanted to be in the game. Now you're in the game.Stay free.

McNulty is trying to see if Kima is alive.