The Divergent Games

I did the Movie Trailer Mashup Assignment worth 4.5 stars.

I dowloaded both the Divergent and Hunger Games trailers from Youtube and imported them into iMovie.

Next, I broke up the trailers into the scenes they featured from the movies, and tried to find similar scenes between the two trailers. I put the similar scenes together and carefully ordered them to make sure a plot line somewhat flowed through the new mashup trailer. I also wanted some of the talking to I made sure to increase the volume on the talking scenes and mute the scenes that did not need their original sounds. I found a royalty free song on Incompetech to add to almost the entire trailer. In the very beginning I simply copied part of the background music from the Divergent trailer and added it to the hunger games scene before bringing in my royalty free track. I kept the black transitions from the original trailers and added in transitions between the title scenes and trailers and the date scene and the trailer. I added in the release date scene for my mashuped movie and created a mashuped logo for my movie trailer.
I picked these two movies because they both take place in a dystopian futuresque world, and both have lead female characters. This is The Divergent Games.

The Divergent Games from Jessica Reingold on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “The Divergent Games

  1. This is a brilliant mashup, and what I love so much about it is how it suggests the two movies as a kind of type, if your will. Usually a mashup creates things so totally different, you married two things similar to suggest a current trend in cultural narratives of the moment. Brilliant take, and really thought provoking for me how many parallel moments there are in these two films. Almost like a mashup and video essay in one.

  2. Loved how the driving beat of the soundtrack kept the pace moving. Good choices of clips that kept it looking like one seamless movie trailer!

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