Much Swede.

Maggie and I decided to so our swede on Season 3, Episode 11 of The Wire. We wanted to try to include as much as ┬áthe plot as we could, so we broke the episode down into 13 main scenes. Next, we planned out the days we’d shoot, the times, and the locations. We even asked DTLT and fellow DKC tutors to help with being extra parts. Maggie created a Google Doc that had all of swede planned out and she wrote the script. We used my camera, but we edited it together. We tried to make sure we each played the same character(s) throughout the scenes to provide some continuity. This swede was for the assignment, “Swede a Scene” worth 4.5 stars.

We tried to make some of our props/costumes fit the characters, such as Omar’s trench coat, and Brother Mouzone’s bowtie and blazer. Once we got all of our clips, we imported them into iMovie and trimmed down all of our outtakes. We also got some footage for our title sequence and added that to the swede as well. Lastly, we downloaded the intro and credits songs and sped them up to fit our swede.

Here is our final product!!


5 thoughts on “Much Swede.

  1. I think the “charge it” line and delivery was the highlight for me. So good! You took the Wire Swede to a whole new level. So good!

  2. I loved the use of the carpet as “the wire” in the opening and how you taped “boobs” to the front of the magazine that you were reading in the “basement.” Great work and I love how you cut the episode down to its core components!

  3. Wow……that’s all I can muster. Just wow…. This is incredible! The intro alone is FANTASTIC, but when you throw in the rest, it is simply amazing! And yes, the Lion King reference was pretty clever!

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