How I Procrastinate

I did the Visual Assignment “Multiply Yourself,” worth 5 stars.

How I did this was I simply put my camera on our dining table, set the timer to ten seconds, and took siz different pictures of myself doing different things in the living room. I did not move the camera at all, and made sure the objects in the room did not move in between shots.

After I took my photos, I imported them into Pixlr, even though Photoshop would have made the process easier. After the were in Pixlr, I picked one of the images to be my base image. The image I picked to be the base was the one where I’m sticking my head through the door. I then used the lasso tool with the feathering set to eight to cut myself out from the whiteboard picture and paste myself into the base picture. In order to make sure I lined everything up between the cut out and the base image, I made the opacity of the cut out layer about 50-70%  until it was in the right position. Once lined up, I raised the opacity of the cut out layer back to 100%. Then, I cleaned up the edges with the circle eraser tool that has feathering. I repeated this process of cutting myself out of the other pictures and pasting myself onto the base image four more times until I had all six of me in the same room. The hardest Jess to clean up was definitely the dancing/jumping Jess because I had to make sure that the Jess laying down on the couch was actually visible, so I really had to basically outline the dancing/jumping Jess with the eraser almost down to the pixel. Once I got all of the Jesses in same image, I double checked to see if there was anywhere the furniture or the wall colors were off and touched up the spots I found with the eraser tool to make sure that the room layout was all from the base image.

If I try to do this kind of image manipulation again, I will definitely go out and buy a tripod for my camera, that way I won’t have AS much erasing to do.


5 thoughts on “How I Procrastinate

  1. You did an awesome job of putting this together. I worked on this assignment and put only three of me. You did six! The quality of your blend of all of them was so clear. Great job!

  2. This is just awesome! Really incredible! Amazing way you were able to combine all of the pics together! Nice!

  3. I’m going through Inspire right now for noir106, and I came across this from last semester. I just had to lave a comment because this is SO good. I want to come up with a way to make an ad for the DKC using this technique. Not sure what that looks like, yet — help me brainstorm!

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