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Movie Trading Cards (4 stars) Elf and Website

Website Banner (4 stars) Elf and Website

Honest Video Game (3 stars) Mario Kart

Animal Dance Off (3 stars) Animals Can Also Sing

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Au Revoir DS106

My Contributions to the DS106 Assignment Bank

Final Project: Special Agent Terrance “Fitz” Fitzhugh

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The Wire

This week I finished up Season 4. I was both happy and sad with the end of season 4. While Namond’s story got better, Randy, Michael, and Duquense’s stories both got worse. Mayor Carcetti also turned into a “real” politician by choosing himself over the children in his city. I liked how Omar stayed true to himself throughout all of the seasons, but then, surprisingly, I was sad to see Bodie get murdered. I think it’s because as an audience we had seen Bodie grow up and kind of mature and towards the end, there was even some hope instilled in us that he might leave the game. I was also surprisingly proud of McNulty. He also changed and grew throughout the various seasons, and I like the the dynamic he creates with Bodie since they are both characters from the first season that really saw how everything played out. Overall, The Wire has been a very depressing, intriguing, and somewhat addicting show. What started as a somewhat forced watching of the show turned into a genuine curiosity for what was going to happen to the various characters. Out of the four seasons, I think season 1 was my least favorite since it took a few episodes to really get the plot moving. Season 4 was probably my favorite, even though i think it was the most sad because the although the kids’ lives are awful, it’s fascinating to see how and when this drug culture develops. The Wire was much better than I expected and it’s not only because it had great visuals and audio and writing but also because it reflected issues we see today. Although it’s not entirely current since now everyone has smartphones, but the overarching issues are still prevalent in today’s societies.









My Contributions to the DS106 Assignment Bank

Daily Creates I submitted:

1. Photography-Upside Down Day! Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything that would cool upside down.

2. Audio- Right Here, Right Now. Record 10 seconds of what you are hearing right at this moment!

Assignments I created:

1. Spooky Sounds- in Audio Assignments- 3 stars

2. Architecture/Landscape Then and Now- in Visual Assignments- 3.5 stars

3. Find a Digital Tool -in Web Assignments- 5 stars

Tutorials I made:

1. Pixlr Tutorial

2. Visual GIF Assignment Tutorial



Elf and Website

His favorite holiday movie is Elf, so he made trading cards, which was worth 4 stars. He also needed to customize his website, so he made a banner that he felt reflected his own style. That was also 4 stars. He used Pixlr and Google Images to make both of them!


Google Hangout Discussion S4E10

From 8pm-9pm on Tuesday (Dec. 2), Jonathon, Nicky, Lauren, Nicholas, and I had a discussion about Season 4 Episode 10:”Misgivings” of The Wire. Jonathon started the discussion by sharing some screenshots of scenes from the episode that really struck him. On in particular was when the  (asshole) police officer caught the boy who is really good at stealing cars. Instead of arresting him, the cop decides to break several of this kid’s fingers. We all agreed that it was completely wrong from the cop to punish the kid like that, and several of us had a difficult time watching it. Nicholas mentioned that this show has elements that reflected news events happening currently, but just all agreed and decided to not get into the issues of today. That led into Lauren’s point about how gruesome it was to see Michael’s dad murdered by Chris and Snoop. That was one of the most difficult scenes to watch in the series yet. (Although after watching this week’s episodes…i’ve decided this entire show is just the saddest thing ever.) I also then brought up how it was interesting that even though nobody actually said what Michael’s father did to him, we all can assume what it was (molestation, assault, abuse) and so even though his death was very brutal, I personally was glad to see his character go. Nicky also shared some screen shots, particularly all of the camera shots with tables in them. There was quite a lot of them, and we discussed how the lighting, and the position of the people at that tables symbolized different things. For example, when the lighting was dark, it was because it was a serious moment, and when it was lighter, it was supposed to be a more inviting moment. Furthermore, whenever the politicians were sitting at the tables, they were always on the opposite end from where the camera was. This could symbolize how politicians are not always in tune with the average citizen (aka the audience member, the viewer). We also noted how when it was politicians around the table, there were a few of them, and that meant that a few amount of people make decisions that affect many, whereas the scene where the school administrators are around a table, there’s more of them, so the decision is better represented.

I tried to record our video discussion, but unfortunately I used the wrong google hangouts. I did not use googles hangouts on air, but instead, regular google hangouts. I tried to also use a software called Snag It that I had downloaded in order to capture the audio and video from my screen but the application kept crashing and not saving what it had recorded before crashing. I have some pictures to prove we did talk together online (below), but nevertheless since I volunteered to be the point person, it’s entirely on me that I don’t have the actual video of the discussion.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.37.23 PM hangout_snapshot_0


Somehow There’s Never Enough Time.


Mashup Total: 12 stars

1. Movie Trailer Mashup (4.5 stars) The Divergent Games

2. Movie Mashup (4.5 stars) The Divergent Games-Poster

3. *The Wire* Inappropriate Laughter (3 stars) Omar’s Testimony

Remix: 7 stars


Kinematic Typography Remixed Subtle Switcheroo (7 stars) 11th Doctor’s Quote

As done by Fitz

Total: 6 stars

Honest Video Game (3 stars) Mario Kart

Animal Dance Off (3 stars) Animals Can Also Sing

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What’s the thinker’s plan?

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Only a few more hours until i can make brownies and drown myself in their chocolately goodness.
Do Not Touch The Pie

The Wire

Season 4, episodes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (week 14)

Learning about the children’s lives has been a really fascinating change of pace for the show. Before it was more about the police officer’s lives and the drug dealers’ lives but now it’s more about the other people that are affected by the drug dealing game. The kids so far have shown that in good environments they can behave like normal children, but once they are thrown into the intense situations that comes with drug dealing, they loose their innocence. We also see much more politics in these episodes as Carcetti is running in the mayoral primary and ultimately wins. The politicians have an enormous amount of influence on the drug rings as well, it just depends on how they want to use their power to change the city.


*Although it isn’t an excuse, due to my final version of my senior thesis being due on Dec. 1st as well, I did not have time to go comment on other people’s works. I also left out how I did my assignments on most of their individual posts. However, I can say I exclusively used iMovie for the videos and Pixlr for the images I created. This is also why my analysis for The Wire episodes is not very in depth. I can assure you that I did watch all of them though.