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Animated GIF

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For the last module of the semester, table #1 would like to do the Animated GIF Module

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This module ended up being more challenging than I thought it would be. I had never made a wikipedia page before, so even just trying to figure out how to write it was something new for me. We wanted to learn about women on wikipedia and women contributors to wikipedia since women have been grossly underrepresented on wikipedia. We looked into the history of wikipedia, women on wikipedia, and then we tried to make our own page. Making our page was the most challenging aspect since it got tagged for speedy deletion, possibly because it was Emily and my's first page. Bots scanning for new users got to ours pretty quickly and so there wasn't much we could unless we had been editing wikipedia for months beforehand. All in all it was a good learning experience since I personally have not used wikipedia other than for quickly looking up information. 

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Making Progress

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For the Wikipedia module, we have divided up the work into 3 parts:

1. History of Wikipedia and the lack of women
2. What has been done to try to include women (hack-a-thons) 
3. Making a Wikipedia page on Nina Bushnell (Dean of Women 1921-1950 at UMW)

One of our group members has also volunteered to make the Prezi for our presentation. 
I am working on making the Wikipedia page for Nina Bushnell, and originally I was hoping to use University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History, 1908-2008 by William Crawley, but since there were none in the library left, I'll have to use History of Mary Washington College 1908-1972 by Edward Alvey. Fortunately, since Nina Bushnell was a Dean before 1972, Alvey's book should provide the same amount of information as Crawley's book. 

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Table 1 is going to the the Wikipedia module!

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Parrika- Introduction to Wolfgang Ernest's Media Archaeology

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To explain what media archaeology is, to show Wolfgang Ernest's perspective of media archaeology, and to show that the history of media is not a progression of just new technologies and new ideas and they don't match up nicely after one another, instead media history is a collaborative process that is constantly changing.   


His audience is other people in the media field because he refers to media theorists without explaining who they are. 

"There is no "historical" difference in the functioning of the apparatus now and then...rather, there is a archaeological short circuit between otherwise historically clearly separated times."

New technologies are only "historical" because those exact technologies did not exist before they were invented. Therefore, any new invention or technology could be considered historical. The only reason why we differentiate between which technologies are historical or not is because they were literally made in different time periods. 


Edward Boatman. Telephone. The Noun Project." target="_blank">

George Agpoon. Smartphone. The Noun Project.

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Goodbye Faxing

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Our device is a FaxModem from the year 2000. The peak time for our device is the 1990s. Our device seemed to have fade out in about 2003, since The RIM 850 and 857 original BlackBerry smartphones were released, which allowed people to be able to take their email messages with them, without having to print them out. This began the revolution of paperless messaging. 


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#Activism Reflection

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    For this module we wanted to explore the history behind activism on Twitter and and how influential online activism through hashtags really is. We decided to pick a hashtag that was very popular over the summer, #DontShoot. #DontShoot is actually a product of #Ferguson, which was more of a news hashtag that really spread the awareness of the situation that was happening in Ferguson, MO after the shooting of Mike Brown by a police officer. #DontShoot was definitely more of an activism hashtag and it allowed not only the people of Ferguson to stand united in a cause (to show that the police in Ferguson are way too trigger happy) but it also allowed people around the country and the world to show their support for the Ferguson protestors. During this project the most difficult part was getting the Twitter archive running, and even that was not that difficult. I had just forgotten a step. We were fortunate to find that there were many useful news articles about #DontShoot that we could draw information from. The best part of the project was finding a video with a map of #Ferguson spreading across the nation and the globe during August. I attempted to recreate a map for #DontShoot but it was definitely going to be a much more complicated process than it appeared. Nevertheless I did learn a new tool, which is setting up a twitter archive using google spreadsheets. In the future I will be keeping my eye on new trending hashtags now that I know how powerful they can become. 

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#DontShoot #Activism Meeting

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We are meeting today at 2pm! We are going to practice our presentation. :)

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#DontShoot #Activism

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We're trying to keep our presentation concise even though there's so much we could talk about it with hashtag activism in general and with #DontShoot in particular. Our Twitter Archive is still working well and since September 9th (when I set it up) there have been 2,992 tweets using the hashtag "DontShoot." We realize that this hashtag is no longer one of the top most trending, however, it is definitely easier to present about a hashtag that has already had its heyday rather than one that is happening now. Hopefully by Wednesday night there will be a new popular hashtag that I can set up an additional archive for, and track it for at least 24 hours before the presentations on Friday. 

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