Class of 2015!! History major, double minoring in Environmental Sustainability and Digital Studies


Taking a Tally

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Looking at my installatron on my Domain of One's Own, I had 7 installations:  5 WordPress and 2 Known. 

WordPress My digital portfolio and resume My hub for all of my course blogs A blog for Digital History from Spring 2014 My blog for Hist 471: History of the Information Age My blog for DS106 (Digital Storytelling)

Known My blog for Digital Studies 101 Another blog for DS106 (Digital Storytelling) [we had to use subdomains]

Needless to say, I've had to request for more space on my Domain of One's Own Account...twice...

I came up with the subdomain "blogs" and then the separate directories for each course over the summer when I discovered nearly all of my courses wanted me to have a blog with Domain of One's Own. I chose to organize everything this way because I knew I'd lose track of what my course blogs were if they were all different subdomains. This way if I had ever forgotten, I could go to and find the link to the appropriate course blog I was looking for. Furthermore, I feel like by making my course blogs directories, they adhered to the overall hierarchy of my digital portfolio. On my main website (which of course needs updating) I have a link to my course blogs hub and then from there, links to the various blogs. I might reorganize everything again, and take out the course blogs hub and just have links to the individual course blogs on my main site that way they can be a part of my portfolio on the actual portfolio site. I'm not entirely sure yet how to fix my main site though, so I can't think about reorganizing my course blogs until I get my main site figured out. I would like to make my main site more reflective of me instead of it being a kind of showcase or display. I still want to have my portfolio and resume on there, but I'm not sure if I want that to be its primary purpose. Something to think about for this class's final I suppose! 

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