Then & Now: The Purple Crocuses by Russell Hall

Purple Crocuses by Russell Hall

Purple Crocuses by Russell Hall

“Walking down the brick steps to Russell Hall on one spring occasion, for example, admiring the extensive drift of purple crocuses that adorned that area, she remarked that that the site ‘always makes me think of a fairyland or some other place out of a storybook with beautiful princesses and wood folk about.’ Thanks to [Joni] Wilson’s effort, the campus was indeed a visual delight, season after season, much to the enjoyment of those who called it home.” (University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History 1908-2008 by William B. Crawley Jr., pg. 555)

Joni Wilson has been the director of landscaping and grounds since 1986.

I am actually on the President’s Council of Sustainability with Joni Wilson and although I haven’t gotten to work with her that much, she’s always great to listen to at meetings and really cares about the school. I also loved seeing the purple crocuses bloom this spring, and have a “Now” picture of it!


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  • Ellen Peiser

    I love this picture! I lived in Russell and Marshall for two years. The crocuses in the spring was one the the few treats that the long hike up the hill offered.

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