Then & Now Blending Pictures

Now that I have completed the posts for the pairs of photographs I was assigned, I am blending some of the pairs of photographs as a way to add some dimension and content to our site. Connor has also been blending some pairs along with working on our Intro video! I created a new “special” collection for the blended pairs that way we wouldn’t have to go back and change the tables with the pairs of photographs that we are using. Our new collection is called “Blends” and I have definitely have been having fun trying to mash up some of the pairs. It’s a good thing we tried really hard with our Now photographs to mimic the angles of the Then photograph because otherwise we probably wouldn’t be able to bend many pairs together. I had also really wanted to do something with a Then & Now picture of the UMW seal even though its not Structural or really super important in Student Life, but I did put it in the Blends category, and added the three different seals we’ve had (correct me someone if there was 4th or more…) at the bottom of the Home page since I thought it made it a little more professional looking.

I also changed the Tag Cloud to be “UMW Through the Decades,” as suggested by Dr. McClurken, because it does give the site a little more dimension. I also made the links¬†just one color for all of the tags listed, because it does just make the make the Collections page look cleaner. So, we have been adding the decade tags to our posts that way every post will show up somewhere within the decade tag cloud. Obviously the 2010s decade tag will have the most, but maybe someday in the future when we get 2020s, some other digital history group will be assigned to revamp our site.¬†

Lastly, I noticed the Century of America group has a favicon for their websites and I felt that we needed one too, so I made one for us too :)


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  • Leah Tams

    I absolutely LOVE these blended seals!!! It is such a great way to capture the history and evolution of UMW in one graphic. I can’t stop looking at it! :D

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