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This week has been pretty interesting for the Then & Now group. As I mentioned on Thursday, I went to DTLT and made a child theme for our site, that way any customizations to site will stay even if the theme updates. DTLT is also going to custom code our previous and next function for our site. I also found a nice table plugin and footnote plugin to use for our post descriptions. All of our pairs are in tables in order keep the formatting looking the way we want it to. The table plugin is great, but needed an extension and some code from the author in order to make it responsive like our theme. All of that works great now.

This weekend, I’ve been continuing to add descriptions to my posts and making sure they are cited correctly. The footnote plugin is so easy to use which is nice, but it can be a little a sensitive. Luckily, I figured out early on that as long as you type a little bit into the footnote instead of just copying and pasting the whole citation into it, it will always show up correctly as a footnote.  Here’s an example of the footnotes in action: http://thenandnow.umwhistory.org/all/brent-house/

In addition to the posts, I revisited our “Collections” page and added an explanation on how to navigate through our collections. Originally we just had links to our two main collections  under the explanation but not anymore. I thought that was a kind of a waste of a webpage so I played around with adding widgets to the page such as the search bar, a drop-down menu of our collections and sub-collections, and a tag cloud. The tag cloud widget that is already provided was too boring though so I found a nice tag cloud widget plugin to use instead. I’m very happy with this page now, and I think it’s rather difficult to not be able to get where you want to go on the site. Here’s a link to the Collections page: http://thenandnow.umwhistory.org/collections/

Also, shout out to Carly who has been working hard on our interactive map to make it absolutely perfect!

Just in case anyone was wondering, here’s the current list of plugins we’ve added to the already existing ones:

  1. Select Disable Comments Version 1.0.4 | By Samir Shah | Visit plugin site
  2. FD Footnotes Version 1.3 | By John Watson | Visit plugin site
  3. Page Links To Version 2.9.3 | By Mark Jaquith | Visit plugin site  (Allows you to point WordPress pages or posts to a URL of your choosing. Good for setting up navigational links to non-WP sections of your site or to off-site resources.)
  4. Select ReOrder Post Within Categories Version 1.1.6 | By Aurélien Chappard | Visit plugin site (Arrange Post and Custom Post Type through drag & drop interface of selected category (or custom taxonomies).)
  5. TablePress Version 1.3 | By Tobias Bäthge | Visit plugin 
  6. TablePress Extension: Responsive Tables Version 1.1 | By Tobias Bäthge | Visit plugin site
  7. Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget Version 2.6.1 | By Rickard Andersson | Visit plugin site
  8. WP Links Version 1.4 | By Jorge A. Gonzalez | Visit plugin site (Automatically opens a new tab for external links.)

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