A Map of the Places I Want to Visit

I have never been abroad so I decided to make a map of the places that I want to visit. Although two places I want to see in the United States, most of them are either in Europe or the other side of the world. The places are not in any particular order but Iceland

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Creative Tools/Digital History Site Reviews

1) Creative tools Besides digital history sites, I could definitely see Omeka being used by musicians, photographers and writers to display and organize their pieces. They could have collections of  genres and photo shoots. I think Omeka would be really useful to fashion designers too since they  are constantly adding more designs and collections to their

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Why I am taking Adventures in Digital History

I am taking Adventures in Digital History for several reasons. The first is simply because I enjoy doing work or schoolwork that involves online components. Doing online work, such as making blogs, gives me the chance to be more creative than I would in a traditionally run class. In addition to that, I think that

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